Pick It and Stick It 2011 Week 07: Dripping Down the Middle

It’s the middle of the season and we are looking completely different from where we thought we were at.  That’s okay.  That’s how college football works.  The way things changed week to week is what makes it the best sport in my mind and hopefully yours.  So will the rest of the season prove even more unpredictable?  We’ve yet to see any real upsets yet and we’re knee-deep into conference play.  So chances are the 13 or so undefeated teams will start to dwindle down.  I know this will happen because sports writers are talking about the possibility of 4 undefeated teams at the end of the season.  Here’s this week’s pick set:

Final Status (CDT)
@Pittsburgh vs Utah 6.5 Sat 10/15 11:00am
@(23)Michigan St. vs (11)Michigan 2.5 Sat 10/15 11:00am
@(4)Wisconsin vs Indiana 40.0 Sat 10/15 11:00am
@(21)Texas A&M vs (20)Baylor 9.5 Sat 10/15 11:00am
(15)South Carolina vs @Mississippi St. 3.0 Sat 10/15 11:20am
@North Carolina vs Miami (FL) 3.0 Sat 10/15 11:30am
@Missouri vs Iowa St. 15.5 Sat 10/15 01:00pm
(12)Georgia Tech vs @Virginia 7.0 Sat 10/15 02:30pm
@(16)Illinois vs Ohio St. 4.0 Sat 10/15 02:30pm
(1)LSU vs @Tennessee 17.0 Sat 10/15 02:30pm
@SMU vs UCF 3.5 Sat 10/15 02:30pm
(6)Oklahoma St. vs @(22)Texas 7.5 Sat 10/15 02:30pm
@Oregon St. vs BYU 3.0 Sat 10/15 03:00pm
(2)Alabama vs @Mississippi 26.0 Sat 10/15 05:00pm
(5)Boise St. vs @Colorado St. 32.0 Sat 10/15 05:00pm
(19)Virginia Tech vs @Wake Forest 6.5 Sat 10/15 05:30pm
(8)Clemson vs @Maryland 8.5 Sat 10/15 06:00pm
@Iowa vs Northwestern 6.0 Sat 10/15 06:00pm
Florida vs @(24)Auburn 2.0 Sat 10/15 06:00pm
@Texas Tech vs (17)Kansas St. 3.5 Sat 10/15 06:00pm
(7)Stanford vs @Washington St. 21.0 Sat 10/15 06:30pm
(3)Oklahoma vs @Kansas 36.0 Sat 10/15 08:15pm
@(9)Oregon vs (18)Arizona St. 14.5 Sat 10/15 09:15pm

Will the upsets happen for Pick It and Stick It?  We are all pretty close but someone should start breaking away anytime now.  Just check out the 40 point favor Wisconsin has over Indiana.  Do you think the Badgers will really run up the score?  Probably but we know Oklahoma might not when they visit Kansas.  There are tons of big spreads out there and I’m not sold on all of them.  Well except maybe the Boise State one.  They have to do it to stay BCS relevent.

Meanwhile the closest matchups are Florida vs Auburn and Michigan vs Michigan State.  Auburn seems to have the nod at the quarterback so I’ll give the nod to them.  The Paul Bunyan Trophy is up for grabs and I have to say the Spartans are the best shot at taking down the Wolverines before an apparent Big 10 title game appearance.  Now,  I would be remiss in not mentioning the 3.5 dog that Kansas State has against Texas Tech.   That’s the sweet spot for the Wildcats so I’m definitely picking those guys.