Pick It and Stick It 2011 Week 08: Ready, Flick, Fight!

It’s high time to duke it out on the field for dominance on the college football landscape.  The unbeatens will dwindle down here real soon, if not this weekend, and it’s everyone team for themselves.  Please remember, however, by fighting I mean actually playing tough football.  I do not mean actually fighting the opposing players.  It seems in the last couple of weeks some players have been confused and took to fisticuffs.  Heck 41 players are suspended because of a big brawl that happened last weekend.  Please, when you go out there fight well in terms of football, not Mortal Kombat.  Now, it’s time to go over the Pick It and Stick It and look for some fatalities.  Finish Him!

Final Status (PDT)
(11)West Virginia vs @Syracuse 14.0 Fri 10/21 05:00pm
@Louisville vs Rutgers 1.5 Fri 10/21 05:00pm
@(8)Clemson vs North Carolina 10.5 Sat 10/22 09:00am
(12)Kansas St. vs @Kansas 11.0 Sat 10/22 09:00am
(6)Oklahoma St. vs @Missouri 7.0 Sat 10/22 09:00am
(23)Illinois vs @Purdue 4.0 Sat 10/22 09:00am
@South Florida vs Cincinnati 3.0 Sat 10/22 09:00am
(10)Arkansas vs @Mississippi 16.0 Sat 10/22 09:20am
@(16)Virginia Tech vs Boston Coll. 20.5 Sat 10/22 12:00pm
@Florida St. vs Maryland 18.0 Sat 10/22 12:30pm
@Miami (FL) vs (20)Georgia Tech 3.0 Sat 10/22 12:30pm
(9)Oregon vs @Colorado 30.5 Sat 10/22 12:30pm
(17)Texas A&M vs @Iowa St. 20.5 Sat 10/22 12:30pm
(13)Nebraska vs @Minnesota 25.0 Sat 10/22 12:30pm
@(1)LSU vs (19)Auburn 21.5 Sat 10/22 12:30pm
@Navy vs East Carolina 11.0 Sat 10/22 12:30pm
@(5)Boise St. vs Air Force 30.0 Sat 10/22 12:30pm
@(21)Houston vs Marshall 22.5 Sat 10/22 01:30pm
Penn St. vs @Northwestern 4.0 Sat 10/22 04:00pm
@California vs Utah 2.0 Sat 10/22 04:00pm
@(2)Alabama vs Tennessee 30.0 Sat 10/22 04:15pm
@Notre Dame vs USC 9.0 Sat 10/22 04:30pm
@(3)Oklahoma vs Texas Tech 29.5 Sat 10/22 05:00pm
(4)Wisconsin vs @(15)Michigan St. 7.5 Sat 10/22 05:00pm
@(7)Stanford vs (22)Washington 20.5 Sat 10/22 05:00pm
@Southern Miss vs SMU 3.0 Sat 10/22 05:00pm

Alrighty, speaking of fighting it out, it looks like Louisville and Rutgers will have a knockdown, drag out, football fight.  The next round on the card sees another close one with California taking on new Pac 12 brother Utah.  Now, there are some other round on the card that should be fairly lopsided on the judges scorecard.  Boise State  shows up again as they are ready to knock out Air Force.  In a rare SEC mismatch Alabama looks to give the ole one-two to Tennessee.  Now back in Big 12 land Oklahoma seems to have a comfy spread to punch through taking on Texas Tech.  The fight of the day starts early as Kansas State looks to duck and weave Kansas on their way to a bowl title belt.  This Sunflower Showdown is gonna be sweet.