Crib Sheet: Closing A Chapter on This Book

Okay so alot of stuff happened over the last week regarding the Penn State Jerry Sandusky situation.  And when I say alot of stuff, I mean alot.  Basically, that school is screwed and it will take forever to rebuild.  I’m sure due process will play out and what not, but it’s passed the point of no longer needing to be covered here.  So let’s cheer up a bit.  I’m going to a live college football game Saturday! I’m already getting stoked because I have some buds coming into town to watch it with me.  In the meantime, here’s this week’s Crib Sheet:

  • ‘When a guy jokingly says something, he’s going to kind of mean it.”  What?  Is that why Missouri left for the SEC?  Because of jokes like that?  Now in context, it was DeLoss Dodds and it was dealing with a pissing contest with Texas.  Okay that I get.  But to point to something like this is weak.  Just say you went for the money and be done with it.  Stop trying to look chickenshit here.
  • So the BCS director, Bill Hancock, said that even if the president of the United States wouldn’t challenge the BCS.  Among the big reasons why:  Because the government is too busy with actual problems to deal with this.  And it’s not even a problem really.  So this isn’t going to slow down the Playoff PAC, but it does give insight into how the BCS is thinking at least.  And they are thinking about how automatic qualifying is jacking up conference realignment.   Lotsa brains over there I guess.
  • Texas Tech tight end Adam James finally talked about how he got Mike Leach fired.  He didn’t think about that stuff until he thought of who would walk out there with him on Senior Day.  Yup, it’s Craig James, his dad and the biggest douche in the universe.  Thankfully, this may be the last we hear of the James Gang.
  • The NCAA bulked up its investigative staff by hiring a 28 year police veteran.  Let’s hope he’s not crooked.  There’s some crooked things going on in college football right.  Let’s hope he helps cleans things up.
  • Central Florida athletic director Keith Tribble stepped down last week due to an allegation from the NCAA that sports agents paid for tuition and other things for recruits and players.  This fell completely under radar due to the other stuff that blew up last week.  And…. pay the players more.
  • The College Hall of Fame is over budget and needs $15 million to build or else the whole shebang gets postponed.  Yeah the CEO of the Atlanta Hall Management is stepping down because of this.  What?  Couldn’t they get somebody more professional.  This smells of some government skimming off the top to me.
  • Amidst all of the furvor in Happy Valley, the Nebraska brass were scared for their safety going into their game against Penn State last weekend.  Even in tragedy, the Cornhuskers think they are the most importing thing on the planet.  Oh please, wake up and be human Nebraska.  Then go home and make inbred children like you always do.
  • Ohio State is not out of the woods yet.  There’s a failure to monitor charge coming down the pike from the NCAA.  What does that mean?  Well, they will lose five scholarships over the next three years.  No wonder the Purdues of the world are beating them now.
  • Speaking of violations, it seems Texas paid Willie Lyles even though there was a red flag raised about him.  Man that guy must’ve had the sweet connections.  Either that or his cred blew up way beyond what he could actually handle and deliver.  I’m not sure what this means for Texas, except that they look even dumber now.
  • Hey alright!  Sarah Thomas was the first woman to officiate in a Big Ten stadium over the weekend when she blew the whistle for Northwestern vs Rice.  Welcome to the 19th Century, Big Ten!
  • Yikes Missouri has had trouble at the running back position.  Flash star Henry Josey is now out for the rest of the season due to multiple tears in his knee.  That’s the third running back this year for those guys.  Yet they still have a shot at a bowl.
  • Speaking of hovering around mediocrity, Texas running back Fozzy Whittaker also blew up his knee last week and now he’s done for the year.  It really sucks to go out as a senior like that.
  • You know what also sucks?  Having your Rhoads scholarship interview scheduled on the same day as your start at quarterback against your rival.  Patrick Witt did just that and the Yale quarterback cancelled it so he could beat up on Harvard.  Way to go, kid.  You already have prestige, no sense missing out on your youth.
  • Former Missouri running back Derrick Washington gets 5 years in the slammer for sexual assault.  Remember kids, crime doesn’t pay.