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Football Feedings 2012 Week 11: Pretzel Bunned Billy Burgers

After a Fun Fun Fun Fest break, I’m back again for some tasty Football Feedings.  Yes, it’s a little late, but I was too busy celebrating Kansas State’s #1 BCS ranking.  I loved the pretzel buns so much that it was time for round 2 this week.  The next comprade in the bunned stuffing?  Well it’s a Billy Burger!  Named after Bill Snyder of course.  It’s consistently tasty and gets better every time I eat it.  Just like a well coached football team.  I’ll be going back in style with some Budweiser tall boys to wash it down.  Let’s get cooking. Continue reading Football Feedings 2012 Week 11: Pretzel Bunned Billy Burgers

Farmageddon Arrived At The Other Place

The second version of Farmageedon this year found itself happening last weekend and we were there to witness of the bloody glory.  This year we decided to head back to one of the few Iowa based bars in the Kansas City, The Other Place.  The first time we were there, we witnessed the rivalry between Iowa and Iowa State.  This time, we watched Kansas State take on Iowa State at Arrowhead in Kansas City.  Yes, Farmageddon.  Not only was a great game, but The Other Place withstood the blast, leaving it a shaky place to patron.

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810 Zone Dishes Out a Pricey Time

Finally, the KCCGD has come BACK to Leewood, Kansas!  Okay, we’re not too much into old school wrestling references, but we had to set the tone on how we felt within the walls of the 810 Zone.  We all aren’t wrestling fans and we don’t live in trailers.  In fact we’re pretty normal.  But compared the crowd out there, we certainly felt that way.  Even so, we ended up having a pretty good time.   Our wallets felt the pain however.  So did the Kansas State Wildcats as they tried to win the Big 12 North against Nebraska.  Oh the times we had.

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