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810 Zone Dishes Out a Pricey Time

Finally, the KCCGD has come BACK to Leewood, Kansas!  Okay, we’re not too much into old school wrestling references, but we had to set the tone on how we felt within the walls of the 810 Zone.  We all aren’t wrestling fans and we don’t live in trailers.  In fact we’re pretty normal.  But compared the crowd out there, we certainly felt that way.  Even so, we ended up having a pretty good time.   Our wallets felt the pain however.  So did the Kansas State Wildcats as they tried to win the Big 12 North against Nebraska.  Oh the times we had.

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Quick Pit Stop at Paddy O’Quigley’s For a Deserved Break

Paddy O'Quigley's

Okay, so the few of you out there that actually read the blog may be wondering, why so late today?  Welp doing some freelancing on the side left this guy knee deep in a bunch of cables and computer parts. No worries, however, as we are coming in close to the deadline to talk about our tiny little trip out to Paddy O’Quigley’s to watch a little football, celebrate a 30th birthday, and jam out to some peeps belting out face melters on karaoke.

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Barspotting: Paddy O’Quigley’s Down Under


This week we passed over the voting in lieu of celebrating a friends birthday.  Granted some of us must work this weekend and can only squeeze in some night game, but that’s okay.  Why?  We are heading back to Paddy O’Quigley’s but we are doing down in south Leawood.  The last O’Quigley’s was a bland and boring experience and since then it has closed down.  We are hopeful that Saturday brings us a better event.  It doesn’t matter really because a 30th birthday will be had.  Come on out and help us celebrate!

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