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JJ’s Other Place Was Closed Due To Lack Of Power

No seriously.  KCP&L cut off JJ’s Other Place’s power and was closed for the day.  I was pumped about heading to my favorite hole in the wall to watch some sports but it was a no go.  They recently upgraded their televisions and now  I know where the money came from.  No worries, folks.  I won’t cut you off, but I may cut this one a little bit short.  Long story short, I went to Lew’s and watch Missouri trounce Kansas State.

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Mascot Monday: Southern Illinois Salukis


We’re getting close to some March Madness around here (even though we don’t cover basketball yet) and we hear at the KCCGD figured it would be a good time to check up on the Tourney perennials from the Missouri Valley Conference.  After inadvertently chuggin some Pabst’s Blue Ribbon, rocking out to some Slayer, and working on an ’85 Camaro, we felt the Saluki from Southern Illinois was the way to go for this week’s mascot.  A Saluki is a dog, but not just any ole dog.  This one has bite and will bark about it on his way to the biker bar, brother.

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