Crib Sheet: Another White Hot Week

It’s ever so toasty down here in Austin, so I will keep this intro short and then grab some water.  I broke  a sweat already.  Here’s this week’s Crib Sheet:

  • Rachel McCoy, Colt McCoy’s wife, called into a national radio show to talk about Texas players accepting gifts and how it was to not accept it. Colt, fortunately for her, was strong and did not give in. I think every kid on campus playing for the school runs into this, except the synchronized swimmers. Of course Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds stepped up and defended Longhorns pride.
  • Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops does not want the recently vacated 2004 BCS title. What a stand up guy.
  • Speaking of stand up guys, Reggie Bush has yet to return his revoked Heisman Trophy. It looks like the Heisman Trust will have to track this guy down. It will get harder once he’s release from New Orleans.
  • The Auburn team headed to the White House to celebrate their BCS win. Impressively, the relief work they’ve done in the wake of some devastating tornadoes got equal press too. Good job, guys.  Don’t tell Obama the head coach Gene Chizik got a raise to the tune of $3.5 million a year.  He might try to take it from him.
  • Looks like Iowa State football players are getting a new gym. All of that extra TV money starts helping programs now.
  • Reggie Bush didn’t give back the Heisman Trophy to the Heisman Trust yet because he didn’t have it. It was at the San Diego Hall of Champions. Why didn’t the Heisman Trust know that?
  • The Southwestern Athletic Conference handed down the bowl ban hammer on Jackson State and Southern because those two schools had terrible APRs or great student athlete grades. Hey kids, you gotta at least try to hit the books like you hit the pads to make it.
  • Whoah, that whole dealy-o with Dana Holgorsen and a casino incident may have been set up by West Virginia’s head coach Bill Stewart or a supporter of Stewart.  No matter, because of the whole situation, Bill Stewart had his contract bought out and Holgorsen is your new West Virginia head coach.  I’ve seen coaching drama before but this is a new one to me.
  • In a no brainer, the Big 12 will have some larger fees for leaving the conference.  If that doesn’t work, there will be some pounds of flesh in the contracts.
  • NCAA head honcho wants to clean things up and the best way to do that is have a picnic with 50 college presidents.  I’m sure they will be golfing and other elitist things while trying to figure out how not to pay the kids.
  • Another transfer quarterback is flirting with Kansas State again.  This time it’s former Nebraska dude Cody Green.  Man, what does Collin Klein have to do to buy some respect around the league?  I think he’ll find out what every other potential quarterback is finding out, the Wildcats are okay at quarterback right now.
  • Looks like Rich Rodriguez is taking a page out of Mike Leach’s playbook and taking a cushy gig calling games for CBS next year.  I wonder how long he’ll stay out of coaching?
  • North Alabama decided to move up to NCAA Division I after half of the teams in the conference they were playing in left.  Some of the people didn’t like it because it will cost more money, but football is like a religion down there so weren’t gonna give up on it just yet.
  • A redshirt freshman at Florida Atlantic University got the hook over the weekend for lifting 400 pounds of copper from a scrap yard.  That’s a new one to me.
  • Missouri gets big offensive guard Evan Boehm as their first ESPNU 150 member recruit since 2009.  The Tigers beat out Auburn and Oklahoma just by giving the kid some love when he was a freshman in high school.  Just goes to show that those football camps can be a little more than effective.