PIck It and Stick It: Fling It Home

That’s right, I’ll be on a plane shortly but I want to get the picks up for the week.  It’s hard to stay focused with the Big 12 in legal gridlock.  You know, I thought professional wrestling was soap opera for guys but now I know that college football realignment is the real deal.  No offense to the WWE, but this stuff is way better than the scripted stuff I used to watch.  So as the conference turn, get your picks in and hope for the best.

Favorite Win
Underdog Win
Mon Status (CDT) Points
@Arizona St. vs (21)Missouri 7.5 Fri 09/09 09:30pm
Iowa vs @Iowa St. 6.5 Sat 09/10 11:00am
@(17)Michigan St. vs Florida Atlantic Off (0) Sat 09/10 11:00am
@(15)Ohio St. vs Toledo 18.0 Sat 09/10 11:00am
@(8)Wisconsin vs Oregon St. 20.5 Sat 09/10 11:00am
San Diego St. vs @Army 9.5 Sat 09/10 11:00am
(16)Mississippi St. vs @Auburn 6.5 Sat 09/10 11:20am
@North Carolina vs Rutgers 10.5 Sat 09/10 11:30am
@(19)West Virginia vs Norfolk St. Off (0) Sat 09/10 12:00pm
(6)Stanford vs @Duke 20.5 Sat 09/10 02:30pm
California vs @Colorado 6.5 Sat 09/10 02:30pm
(3)Alabama vs @(23)Penn St. 10.0 Sat 09/10 02:30pm
@(13)Oregon vs Nevada 26.5 Sat 09/10 02:30pm
@Washington vs Hawaii 6.0 Sat 09/10 02:30pm
@Tennessee vs Cincinnati 5.0 Sat 09/10 02:30pm
(25)TCU vs @Air Force 1.5 Sat 09/10 02:30pm
(11)Virginia Tech vs @East Carolina 18.0 Sat 09/10 02:30pm
(12)South Carolina vs @Georgia 3.0 Sat 09/10 03:30pm
@(5)Florida St. vs Charleston Sou. Off (0) Sat 09/10 05:00pm
Northern Illinois vs @Kansas 5.5 Sat 09/10 06:00pm
@(10)Nebraska vs Fresno St. 28.0 Sat 09/10 06:00pm
Virginia vs @Indiana 7.0 Sat 09/10 06:00pm
@(18)Florida vs UAB 23.0 Sat 09/10 06:00pm
@(14)Arkansas vs New Mexico 36.0 Sat 09/10 06:00pm
@(24)Texas vs BYU 7.0 Sat 09/10 06:00pm
@(22)South Florida vs Ball St. 20.0 Sat 09/10 06:00pm
@USC vs Utah 8.5 Sat 09/10 06:30pm
@Vanderbilt vs Connecticut 1.5 Sat 09/10 06:30pm
Notre Dame vs @Michigan 3.5 Sat 09/10 07:00pm
@(2)LSU vs Northwestern St. Off (0) Sat 09/10 07:00pm
@UCF vs Boston Coll. 7.0 Sat 09/10 07:00pm

It’s kind of a weak lineup but it is NFL opening weekend.  It’s college football’s Labor Day Weekend.  For the teams that have to work, we can easily see that the blowouts will be at the hands of Michigan State, West Virginia, Florida State, and LSU.  Take that with a grain of salt, Kansas State had an off bet last week and almost lost.  Speaking of close games, TCU and Air Force will be a close one.  Also Vanderbilt and Connecticut.  I’ll be juiced watching Michigan play Notre Dame for The Big House’s first night game ever.  It should be a treat.