Pick It and Stick It 2011 Week 11: Saucy Selections

Oh yeah!  I’m already thinking about what to do for the tailgating experience this weekend.  I’m not sure if we actually have a spot to smoke some meat so we may be grilling guerilla style.  What does that mean?  Slapping some meat in a backpack and finding some friendlies for grilling.  It should be quite the adventure.  Speaking of adventure, the corner has turned for Bryce Brown for Heisman.  It’s up to the rest of the league to catch up.  Let’s take a look at the pick set:

Final Status (PST)
(2)Oklahoma St. vs @Iowa St. 27.0 Fri 11/18 05:00pm
(15)Wisconsin vs @Illinois 14.0 Sat 11/19 09:00am
@(20)Michigan vs (17)Nebraska 3.5 Sat 11/19 09:00am
@(12)Michigan St. vs Indiana 28.5 Sat 11/19 09:00am
Iowa vs @Purdue 3.0 Sat 11/19 09:00am
@(14)South Carolina vs Citadel Off (0) Sat 11/19 09:00am
@Texas A&M vs Kansas 30.5 Sat 11/19 09:00am
Louisville vs @Connecticut 0.0 Sat 11/19 09:00am
@(13)Georgia vs Kentucky 30.5 Sat 11/19 09:20am
@(3)Alabama vs Georgia Southern Off (0) Sat 11/19 11:00am
@N.C. State vs (7)Clemson Off (0) Sat 11/19 12:30pm
@Missouri vs Texas Tech 18.0 Sat 11/19 12:30pm
@Ohio St. vs (21)Penn St. 7.0 Sat 11/19 12:30pm
@(6)Arkansas vs Mississippi St. 13.0 Sat 11/19 12:30pm
@(11)Houston vs SMU 19.5 Sat 11/19 12:30pm
@(19)TCU vs Colorado St. 33.0 Sat 11/19 12:30pm
Miami (FL) vs @South Florida 0.0 Sat 11/19 12:30pm
@(24)Notre Dame vs Boston Coll. 24.5 Sat 11/19 01:00pm
Utah vs @Washington St. 3.5 Sat 11/19 02:00pm
Vanderbilt vs @Tennessee 1.5 Sat 11/19 04:00pm
(1)LSU vs @Mississippi 29.5 Sat 11/19 04:00pm
@(23)Florida St. vs Virginia 17.5 Sat 11/19 04:30pm
@(4)Oregon vs (18)USC 14.5 Sat 11/19 05:00pm
(5)Oklahoma vs @(25)Baylor 14.5 Sat 11/19 05:00pm
@Texas vs (16)Kansas St. 9.0 Sat 11/19 05:00pm
(10)Boise St. vs @San Diego St. 18.0 Sat 11/19 05:00pm
@Arizona St. vs Arizona 11.0 Sat 11/19 06:30pm
@(8)Stanford vs California 18.5 Sat 11/19 07:15pm

Friday could be an upset special with Oklahoma State potentially overlooking Iowa State for Bedlam.  I’m not saying, I’m just saying.  Especially with that 27 point spread.  There are other big time spreads with biggest one going to TCU over Colorado State.  Hopefully they cover and not have a post Boise State let down.  My game is Kansas State at Texas and for some reason the Wildcats are a 9 point underdog in this game.  Sure, they’ve been underdogs all year, but 9 points?  Child, Please!  Welp, I’ll be there to see if they cover or not.  I’m rooting for a Wildcat victory, however.