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Crib Sheet: Emptied Out The Bowls

I think I’m eating way more than I did when I was on vacation.  The holidays were tasty but between running around to visit people and sipping a couple of barley pops left me with little time to eat well.  Now that I am back, I find my fingers in the candy bowl that filled up from the stockings left before the trip.  Oh well, I guess.  Tis the season.  I know one thing, after the new year and the end of bowl season, it’s mega workout time.   One item that will mostly be fat throughout the year is the Crib Sheet.  So let’s get munching: Continue reading Crib Sheet: Emptied Out The Bowls

Crib Sheet: Mizzou Fans Showed Up, The Team Didn’t

So last night’s Insight Bowl happened.  I’m still sleepy from the late running game.  Iowa held off Missouri for a 27-24 victory, with the biggest play in the game going to Blaine Gabbertt tossing a pick six in the 4th quarter to give Iowa the game.  Later on there was controversial overturn to receiver T.J. Moe on 4th and 6.  Really, the story of the game was a Tiger defense that let a 3rd string running back set an Iowa bowl record for rushing yards.  Missouri’s offense chugged along fine except for a few mistakes.  Overall, the team looked way less into than Iowa and I think the fight in the heart of the Hawkeyes made the score that we see today.  Now let’s check out the bowl edition of the Crib Sheet:

Crib Sheet: Silent Night, Bowl-y Night

Welp last week was a big rush.  This week, all is calm and all is bright.  Christmas is in a couple of days and we are expecting some major snow.  So we can chalk up the lack of news to that and everyone getting ready for bowls.  We are done with Christmas shopping and got our Topsy’s popcorn, so we will be taking a few days off ourselves.  We’ll probably do something around Christmas, but look for a Bowl Pick It update Monday.  Until then here is this week’s meek little Crib Sheet:

  • Former Kansas coach Mark Mangino gets a $3 million settlement from the university for his resignation and termination fo his contract.  He had about $9 million left to go.  Welp he doesn’t have to work for a couple of more years and gets a fat holiday check.  Mangino made out pretty well.
  • It looks like Bill Snyder 2.0 and the Wildcats are looking to pick up scraps leftover from new Kansas head coach Turner Gill’s blowout of the staff.  They are interviewing former defensive coordinator Clint Bowen to fill the vacancy left by Vic Koenning’s departure to Illinois.  This has happened before.  Joe Bob Clements went to Kansas as a defensive line coach even though he played for Kansas State.  He went back home to Snyder 2.0 though and we won’t be surprised if Bowen doesn’t do the same thing.
  • It seems the Big 10 expansion talks have stirred up issues in the Big 12.  Commissioner Dan Beebe expects no change for the Big 12 but glosses over the issues currently in the conference.  Namely, revenue sharing and setting up a television network.  Hey, maybe it will light a fire under the conference to pony up and compete with the other big conferences media-wise.
  • Even though he didn’t come home with a Heisman, Ndamukong Suh has been picking up plenty of awards.  The latest one happens to be the AP Player of the Year.  This is the first time a defensive player ever won the award.  I’m sure his Nebraska head coach, Bo Pelini, congratulated him while chewing gum openly.