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GameDay: Road Trippin’

I’ve been on a ton of road trips the last couple of weeks.  Wichita, Des Moines, Minneapolis, and Manhattan all were recorded in the log book.  I’ve noticed some things on the road and want to share it with you.  From what to eat to how to beat the casino, these tips will help you get more out of your college football road trip.  I’ve heard of people road tripping every week for football and dismissed them as being crazy.   The last month’s events just made me a little crazy for the road.

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GameDay: A Quick Note to the Waitresses Out There

So I’m sitting here in the kitchen of my favorite KU fan down in Wichita with a wicked Donut Hole rush.  What better time for me to take a moment and talk to all the waitresses out there in sports bar land.  With the crew and all, we usually find ourselves plopped down in bar and stuck there for at least two games.  For some of you waitresses out there, that could mean a table taken for your whole shift.  Because of that, you may not give the best service.  Please don’t.

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