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Sunflower Showdown Didn’t Slow Down the Wildcats

This is another Monday where I get to talk about a game I saw on Thursday night.  Last time was in Manhattan and this time it was in Lawrence.  Things could not have turned around on a hard 180 degree twist for the Kansas State Wildcats.  For the Kansas Jayhawks, unfortunately, things remained the same.  I didn’t get a chance to take in the Lawrence like I did Manhattan, but the town and the game was great none the less.  For a quick road trip in and out of Memorial Stadium, I can say that the memories will last a long time.

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GameDay: Bringing Back the D


Last year, the Big 12 was a flutter with big time scoring led by big time spread offenses.  This year,  it’s more of a sputtering of offense here and there.  Sure, there have been big scores but it’s mainly been in the form of blowouts.  Shootouts are rare this year as we’re seeing scores like last week’s 10-7 barn burner in Lincoln.  Where did the offense go?  Did the defense show back up?  A couple of factors help lead into why we are seeing such a down turn in offense this year.

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Kansas State Wildcats Football 2009 Preview: More Like Mildcats

Kansas St Snyder Football

The year of Kansas State wasn’t so much of a year as it was an eternity.  There were mediocre hopes going into the season, despair running through the season, mania during the end of the season and into the offseason, then back to a numbed out mediocre hope of building a solid team.  There are still burn marks on my belly from the selt belt holding me in from the ride the Wildcats took me on in the last year.  Right now, they are known as the Mildcats.  They brought back an old legend to patch up the nuclear meltdown and now are looking to rebuild.  Let’s take a look and see how they will stack up coming into the 2009 season.

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The Crib Sheet: Does Someone Feel A Draft In Here?


It’s a draft frenzy this week for the Crib Sheet.  Weeks after signing day, college football rosters and chopped down when the big ole NFL axe comes to cut away talent for the next level.  Not many surprises in this year’s draft.  We didn’t get caught up in the fanfare this year and all we really did was thumb through the pick run down.  Maybe next year something crazy will happen but for now we’re happy that it’s one more milestone away from the holiest of holy seasons that is college football.  Here’s this week’s news:

  • Looks like Greg Paulus will land in Syracuse next year.  It seems the hometown team exhibited more interest than the Michigan Wolverines did.  So when he lines up for the Orangemen next fall and then fall flat on his face, remember that we called it here.  He should have a shot in NBA when he’s through. But wait!  There’s more!  Lincoln Journal Star reporter Brian Christopherson says Paulus might drop by this week to talk to Huskers.
  • The Topeka local tv station put a post previewing the Kansas State Football season.  The run down pretty much talks about Josh Freeman leaving and some movement of positions for some players.   They have a long way to go and we won’t see them bowl bound for a good 4 years.
  • Colorado QB Tyler Hansen broke his throwing hand thumb at the Buffalo spring game.  He traded snaps with the coach’s kid Cody Hawkins last year.  Whether or not it will affect him later this year we don’t know.  What we do know is that it will affect a Colorado turn around next year.
  • The swell is starting to bubble over on the “Will Bill Snyder turn it around, again?”  question in the sports media.  They’ll review is mutant work ability and then wonder aloud what kind of clean up they have to do after Ron Prince.  Already, the scheduling knock is coming with rumor of Kansas State wanting to bail on their home game against UCLA in 2010.  So for the story to happen again, they need a weak schedule and that’s getting lined up.  But they also need another 6 years from Snyder and he does not have that in him.
  • The NFL Draft was last weekend and ESPN’s Tim Griffin has a nice run down on his Big 12 blog.  The big news around the area is that Mizzou had a record number of players to go, Josh Freeman from Kansas State was nabbed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Kansas was skunked.  Out of all who got drafted, I think Jeremy Maclin will do the best.
  • Are we feeling teh Twitter storm yet?  Apparently big time college football coaches are.  It seems the likes of Ron Zook and Pete Carroll have signed up on the new online trend and are looking to nab some college ball players the ole internet fashion way.  T-minus 1 year before they ban this as well.  If you want to know what the hub bub is follow us at twitter.com/kccgd.
  • Cody Glenn just admitted the suspension he got last year at Nebraska was not for selling tickets.  He won’t give it up but he must’ve done something naughty to keep it quiet between him and Bo Pelini.  We’re not sure if the Washington Redskins care so much after they just drafted him.

The Crib Sheet: Cannonball Comin’

Jeremy Wolfert's Winning Dive

It’s the Crib Sheet today and this week we focus a little more on K-State.  What can I say?  Most of the news from the week exposed the Wildcats as a middle tier type college trying to be big time.  Speaking of making it to the big time, there’s rumblings again for some shake up,  BCS style.   This argument will die down again when March Madness hits and probably won’t pick up again until August.  So consider this the last hurrah for the BCS/playoff argument for awhile.  In the meantime, the Crib Sheet’s got your paper for the week:

  • Apparently there was a big rift at K-State between Jon Wefald and Tim Weiser.  I kinda wondered why they gave Ron Prince an extension last year.   As well as know, reality hit and they realized he sucked so they bought out his contract.  Wildcats out over $3 million.  Good job Ron.  Hopefully the administration in the Little Apple will quit trying to be big time and let the athletic department do its thing.
  • Because of the nasty little tidbit, we get a resignation from Bob Krause, the current AD.  I knew this guy was out of his league when listening to the press conference on Ron Prince’s firing.  This guy had greenhorn written all over him.  He really botched the firing and hiring of K-State’s head football coach.  If this guy had a tighter lid 0n things, we may be seeing Gary Patterson instead of Bill Snyder 2.0.
  • Florida is not a unanimous champion, well at least in Congress.  Congress passed a resolution recognizing the Florida Gators as national champions in college football, but some members voted “No” and some members voted “Present”, including all of the Senators from Utah.   It’s nice to see that in this economic climate, the nation’s leaders are sticking their nose in college football.  You know, they did that for Major League Baseball and look how that turned out.  Yes We Can!  Well….Maybe that is.
  • Now ex-kicker for Mizzou Jeremy Wolfert will rejoin the dive team to help out his swimming buddies.  It seems after finishing his illustrious career as a kicker (and missing some important tries) J-Dog will go back to the team to help win the Big 12 in swimming.  Hey, didja see the missed kick he had against KU?  He doesn’t win.  Make sure he doesn’t miss the pool wide right.
  • So you figure a Big 12 Congressman would be all for the BCS, but some guy in Texas wants a law for a playoff.  Excuse me?  Aren’t we in one of the worst economic times evar?  So why are politicians introducing bills for college sports when they need to save their butt on real domestic issues?  Clearly it’s a play for votes, but this kinda stuff that bubbles up actually influences the opposite position for me.
  • The Mountain West Conference is ready for the big time!  With Utah going undefeated twice and winning their BCS games twice, they have legitimate beef.  I’d say give them the auto-bid to replace an open bid.  Either that or demote a weaker conference down.  ESPN thinks it should be the Big East.  Let’s face it, the contract is all about the current big conferences so any changes that affect the big guys probably won’t come until it’s time to renew the contract in a couple of years.
  • Hi my name is Josh Freeman, I’m overhyped and I like Lil Wayne and Garth Brooks.  Let’s do a couple of more – How many years in the NFL will I play: 3 (riding the bench for 2), My favorite target on the field:  The opposing player, if I’m under pressure,   Who I want to be most like in the NFL: Jamarcus Russell or Vince Young, The best thing I learned in college:  Could you repeat the question?