Crib Sheet: Hello Goodbye

We may be seeing the search for Missouri end real quick.  We also may see the search for the Big 12 heat right up.  The Tigers are planning on leaving for the SEC and we may know about it here by tomorrow.  Alot of people, including myself, thought that they would wait unilt the end of the season to get the ball rolling but apparently they want to move fast.  So in the middle of the football season, we will see even more conference realignment.  I’m just going to avert my eyes from the pain and check out this week’s Crib Sheet:

  • TCU will ease their way into the Big 12, pay scale wise.  That means equal revenue sharing won’t be fully realized for a couple of years for the Horned Frogs.  Also the schedule will be revisited so TCU won’t take over Texas A&M’s schedule.  Apparently Texas does not want to play TCU on Thanksgiving.
  • The NCAA did not find any violations relating to Auburn and Cam Newton.  Either the school hid it well or Cam did not actually do anything.  Hrm.  Well it’s an afterthought now anyway because Cam is doing so well in the NFL.  Still, you gotta wonder a little bit.
  • Texas A&M athletic director Bill Byrne still has beef with Texas Tech over the whole stink bus thing.  Man I got stinkfingered by my friend on the handle of a car when I was back in Kansas City.  It’s not a fun thing.  I’m planning on getting him back.  Somehow.
  • It’s been tough for NC State recently.  They get to watch Wisconsin take their former quarterback Russell Wilson and shoot for an undefeated season.  Meanwhile, a recruit they had by the name of A.J. Doyle was all ready to play for the Wolfpack, but changed his mind and decided to decommit.  His reason?  He wanted to play quarterback instead of linebacker.  Ouch.
  • I thought tailgating was awesome in the Little Apple (Manhattan, Kansas for the uninitiated).  After looking at how some football fans get together for the Washington games, I can say that I’m totally jealous.  I would love to play some washers on a big ole yacht.  It would be worth every penny.
  • Finally, somebody in Kansas City is stirring up some noise for Missouri to stay in the Big 12.  No, not a radio host, but the honest to goodness mayor of Kansas City, Missouri Sly James.  Now, don’t let the name jack you up, he’s the freshly elected guy in town and it’s about time he took a handle on this topic to save some almost certain money from going away in his district.  I’m not sure yet if it will help, but good for him for fighting for my former hometown (well across the state line).
  • Texas A&M is out of the Big 12 and now out of an annual game against in state rival, Texas.  That’s the price you pay for abandoning the conference, guys.  It’s very easy to point out the plusses and minuses on both sides of this issue, but the big thing to remember is that conference realignment can tear apart traditions.  Get ready for more of it to happen.
  • A floating rumor about BYU joining the Big 12 surfaced up last week and pointed out that television deals slowed down the courtship and led to the invite of the TCU.  I think if Missouri heads out, we will see the Cougars make a replacement quick.
  • David Ubben of ESPN pointed out how big of a stud Iowa State’s Jake Knott is.  He had a bunch of dislocated shoulders and ended up playing in the loss to Missouri over the weekend.  Man, I was out of commission for the whole year with a dislocated elbow.  That guy is a hoss.
  • The hammer just dropped big time.  And by hammer I mean the Mountain West and Conference USA are planning to merge.  That’s right, all 22 football teams in one conference.  They are guessing anywhere from 20 to 24 once the 2013 kicks off because you know other AQ conferences are itching to poach from the league.  I’m not sure how viable the conference will be, but it does smooth over other schools jumping ship.
  • Speaking of being an automatic qualifier, Boise State president Robert Kustra says the main goal for his program is to get AQ status for the BCS.  They already have the hallmark of cheating that oh so many AQ schools have so the next step should be small one to get that goal.
  • The Big East is getting real on expanding and doubling its exit fee, contingent on Navy and Air Force joining.  That’s right, the Big East doesn’t care about regions anymore because it’s a thing of the past.  At least that’s what UConn president Susan Herbst said.  Yeah they’ll have to reach far across the land to survive.
  • The Big 10 finally got up off the ground and notified Michigan State that they may take some action against some unsportsmanlike conduct by William Gholston against Denard Robinson.  He tried to twist the head off the light footed quarterback during their game last week.  It’s taken other conferences alot quicker to react to crazy on the field action, why has it taken the Big 10 so long?