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A Better Big 12 For 2012

Ah yeah, the Big 12 is back baby!  Oh well, it didn’t really go anywhere.  Compared to last year, this offseason was a walk in the park.  Why is that?  Well, we have some new faces in the mix and some old faces hit the road.  I think truly for the first time in the last 3 years, there is some stability here.  That makes me happy.  What makes me happier is the new season so let’s see how this conference shakes out. Continue reading A Better Big 12 For 2012

Purple Yeti Roar 08: Chomping On Some Bits


I’m jumping in right quick to talk about the week that was college football. The biggest, of course, being that Twitter could still be an issue in recruiting Continue reading Purple Yeti Roar 08: Chomping On Some Bits

Purple Yeti Roar 07: My Combine Tests Drinks And Football Knowledge

I’m celebrating.  That’s right, my RPM Challenge is done and I’m taking a load off with you. This week I talk about the Combine, RG3, Dick Ebersol, the Big 12, Randy Edsell, and drink on camera.  Oh the fun!