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Crib Sheet for 2013-02-05

Crib Sheet for 2013-01-29

Crib Sheet for 2013-01-22

Crib Sheet for 2012-10-10

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Crib Sheet for 2012-10-03

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Crib Sheet for 2012-09-26

  • Makes sense for #ESPN to push for a #SEC channel, sorry #CBS Now convert #LHN to the #Big12 channel and we are good http://t.co/tWQrBaBv #
  • Central Washington? That looks like couches in Morgantown #WVR http://t.co/qMe59Iku #
  • Conference Commissioners are really saying that the Jerry Dome will get its turn http://t.co/vLTbGE7a #
  • It's Shane's World (not that one). Turns out he was just real bored http://t.co/ZgylJ36Z #
  • Just get the #NotreDame fans really drunk. Duh. That's how they get to be the Fighting Irish http://t.co/NtEi8cx1 #
  • When in Rome, I guess Pelini takes a dive and now they are best buddies #Nebraska http://t.co/mr4KNI1I #
  • Why is every game with #ULM the game of the year? #
  • Hey so #KSU still has a little trouble throwing. Gotcha. Let's see how the defense works #
  • Bend but don't break again for #KansasState They just need to convert those 3rd downs now #
  • Who will last longer in this one. I smell a conditioning test for #KSUvsOU #
  • Field position game for #KSU and OU but I don't know how long that will happen if KSU doesn't put up points. #
  • Thanks #Belldozer for that gift! #EMAW #
  • #KansasState is winning the line battle tonight #
  • It was 2nd half adjustments last year for #KSUvsOU looks like we'll see how it affects the game again this year #
  • #Oklahoma is playing as well as North Texas tonight #
  • What's with the early time outs #Oklahoma #
  • Play action from Hubert is coming. Just watch. They teased it this drive. With the game he's having you know someone will be open. #EMAW #
  • Can we get a 15 minute drive from Kansas State? #
  • John Hubert FTW #EMAW #
  • It's on Kansas State to get first downs now #
  • The south has the best police officers to the college football stars http://t.co/dIUbkyPT #
  • I didn't know the Rio Grand Rivalry involved bullets http://t.co/PeSrnV5t #
  • Taylor Keinicke set the Div I passing record at 730 yds and needed all thome to come from behind and win http://t.co/iCNB6M59 #
  • Part I of USA Today's vendetta against E. Gordon Gee. And so it begins http://t.co/Z2v94Syc #
  • Part II of USA Today's vendetta against E. Gordon Gee. I believe this will put it over the top. Bow ties? http://t.co/7dWUgBNv #
  • Not sure what's going on here but the picutre is terrifying http://t.co/rYSzkZ2u #
  • Just another step for the #JerryDome getting the College Football National Championship Game http://t.co/9qxiCPww #
  • I posted 22 photos on Facebook in the album "Football Feedings 2012 Week 04: Mason Jarne Asada" http://t.co/GdPOMOn1 #
  • #NotreDame and #Michigan were heading down this road anyway but now it's official http://t.co/79j2JpeV #

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Crib Sheet for 2012-09-19

  • Payola for recruits in the #SEC No way! http://t.co/SMLateJ0 #
  • The ratio to ineligible players and recruiting violations to national championships in the #SEC is about 6:1 http://t.co/MKZezHks #
  • I didn't know coaches could suspend reporters. #LaneKiffinIsHard http://t.co/M7sksa6w #
  • Looks like Chase Rome and Bo Pelini didn't quite mix at #Nebraska Different bubble gum flavors? http://t.co/erPiB42q #
  • Man #Nebraska needs to shell out $1 million guarantee for a scrub? Times are not the same for the Huskers http://t.co/pMvwRWDN #
  • Not sure Tyler sitting in or out will help the hogs Saturday http://t.co/qJJNuo2g #
  • Hopefully Tyler Lockett will run around the 'Wild Bunch' on kickoffs in December. #EMAW #Texas http://t.co/xGbfYur1 #
  • Don't look now, #Kansas is keeping this #TCU game close. Is there a vaunted Charlie Weiss reference in here somewhere? #
  • That was a helluva run by #TCU #039;s Packer #
  • Check that #TCU #039;s Carter #
  • #Kansas Defense looks much tougher than last year. I thought Charlie Weiss was brought in for Offense? #
  • Carter is single handedly taking over the game for #TCU #
  • I guess #OklahomaState had to give up one touchdown at some point. #
  • Man, Bo Pelini left the game and now #ArkansasState gets a fumble down 18. Comeback? #NebraskaShouldBeWorried #
  • The trivia on the @ESPN satellite feed is the best thing about that channel #
  • And here I thought #TCU was going to cover #
  • Retweet bait (I retweeted doh) RT @edsbs: Agree 100%. RT PreSnapRead: Me too. RT @SBNationCFB I enjoy college football.” #
  • I'm quickly becoming a fan of Louisiana Monroe. They handle #SEC teams nicely #
  • #OhioState #039;s MVP for the game is #California #039;s kicker #
  • Smart play floating the ball up there for California, let the defenders make a bad play #
  • Enough of the drama, @CBS, it was not an interception. Just stop #
  • Wow, Verne and Co. are totally frontrunning #Alabama #
  • The #SEC CBS song is about as bad as the Napa Know How Song #
  • Hrm, Wes Lunt's out for I don't know how long. Might be bad things for #OklahomaState http://t.co/YQfvzcYJ #
  • I'm super excited about the #TCU vs #LSU in the Jerry Dome next year http://t.co/9MzdnUgc #
  • I posted 17 photos on Facebook in the album "Football Feedings 2012 Week 03: Mean Green Pizza" http://t.co/0VPgOXvL #
  • LSU misses practice because of bomb threat and it sucks. Football y'all! #ReauxTide http://t.co/oFiN8vM3 #
  • Man it's alot of guff for a guy that doesn't believe in the drugs. #Methzou http://t.co/KTNw14uf #

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Pick It And Stick It: It’s A Trap!

Hey it’s another week of college football and it’s that time of the week for me to stick my finger where my mouth is and preview the weekend’s onslaught of college football rebellion. For me this week, it’s all about trap games. I’m looking at it from the guise of my Purple Yeti colored pride (Kansas State for the uninitiated) and there’s a chance a trap could be sprung. The rest of the weekend is somewhat ho-hum with a couple of primo matchups and that’s about it. We also get what I believe is the opening of conference play between Kansas and TCU. Let’s kick on the hyperdrive.

So I mentioned that Kansas State may be rolling into a trap game. First off, what’s a trap game? Usually it’s with an opponent that you are supposed to beat but certain circumstances make it ripe for an upset. Kansas State’s trap scenario is two-fold. First off, Kansas State plays North Texas whose head coach is Dan McCartney. Yup the same McCartney that was Iowa State’s head coach and actually beat the Snyder led Cats twice in his run. Second, the following week’s game for Kansas State is in Norman against Oklahoma. Could there be a situation where Kansas State overlooks North Texas while getting ready for Oklahoma?

The short answer is yes. Kansas State already had their trap type scenario play out in the first week of the season (and you could really look at last year too) with a way too close game against an FCS opponent. I think Bill Snyder likes to run these games as a sort of pre-season type match up. You get vanilla things that help get some real game time experience for some young players. You’ll more than likely see this again against North Texas, but it should be enough to top North Texas. McCartney does not have the kind of talent he had at Iowa State. Bill Snyder (who was an assistant at North Texas for a short time) already has his whole team bought into his system and his system demands discipline at a cosmic rate. Kansas State should win this one pretty easily but I would not be surprised if it will be close for most of the game.

The game starts late and I will miss because of a Passion Pit show (hopefully the football gods will forgive me), but I will be able to watch a couple of games before hand. The most interesting one for me, will be the opening Big 12 game of the year and the opening Big 12 game for TCU when TCU heads to Lawrence. Pretty much everyone is giving TCU the game this week. I’m going to do that too. There’s alot of things I’m looking for, however. How will Kansas State alum and TCU head coach Gary Patterson handle the first game for TCU? Will Casey Pachall keep his astronomic QB passer rating up? Will Charlie Weiss have his kids bounce back from an embarrassing loss last week? Will the Kansas players give up in the 2nd quarter? Will the stadium be empty at halftime? All interesting questions and I think we know the answer to all of them.

So the rest of the slate is pretty limp. I’ll miss out on the evening games because of concert, which is a shame because it’s got USC at Stanford as well as Notre Dame at Michigan State and Florida at Tennessee, the only Top 25 match ups of the week. So let’s pick it right now and hopefully I won’t have to stick it. I’m going with Stanford in the upset because of the media hype around USC as well as their poor performance in a win on the road to Syracuse. Pac 12 needs to come down a bit. Michigan State is the Big 10’s only hope and we’ll see them beat my 2nd favorite team in Notre Dame because the Fighting Irish will be too busy celebrating the ACC move and they struggled pretty hard against Purdue. Finally I have Tennessee over Florida because it’s time for that program to come back. All home picks, I know.

I can’t wait for this weekend of games. There’s a special treat coming up too. I’m going to try this new-fangled live blogging thing that just came out from WordPress. What will be in there? I have no clue. Probably pics and snarky remarks that will end up on the Twitter feed at @kccgd. But hey, it will be fun and you should join me. I’ll have one screen on TCU at Kansas and will channel surf the rest. Who knows? There may be some cartoons or infomercials popping up in the live blog. Tune in and find out!

Crib Sheet for 2012-09-12

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Crib Sheet for 2012-09-05

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Dart Board Predictions 2012: Just Make Sure You Don’t Touch Anybody

Yup it’s time I wing them again.  I don’t like making things ultra official and professional (note the website) and I will follow that same lack of format for another Pick It and Stick It Special.  It’s Dart Board Predictions time!  I don’t keep track so if you want to hit me up on the Twitterz (twitter.com/kccgd) or email ([email protected]) and let me know just how smart or dumb I am.  So with that out of the way, let’s sharpen up the darts and start tossing.  Get out of the way.

  • I for some reason kept picking Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden to kick the bucket on the field.  I was wrong on both shots (but there’s a chance with Bobby still).  This year I will predict that NO ONE will die on the field.  Practice field doesn’t count.  I know about the sickle cell.
  • After capping off the offseason with a newly announced college football playoffs, college presidents will realize the folly of their way and go back the BCS system.  The robots will be replaced by committee members.
  • Brent Musburger starts to fade as he delves into dementia not unlike Keith Jackson 10 years ago.  The only difference, he will still shill and sound super excited.
  • Hey I picked a Big 12 Champion, so who will that champion play?  Pretty easy, it’s BCS bowl bound for Oklahoma against Virginia Tech because Frank Beamer.
  • So that means that the Hokies will win the ACC again and I’m not sure anyone will really care.
  • With the WAC shutting down, you’ll see other lower tier conferences going away.  I’m looking at you Sun Belt.
  • Charlie Weiss will get so frustrated at Kansas, that his front butt will lash out and strike a player.  Unlike his almost twin in old head coach Mark Mangino, no one will seem to care about it.  Poor blowhard Weiss.
  • The Big East will be renamed to The Big after they finish this year announcing new members Hawaii and Japan.
  • Texas A&M and Missouri do okay in the SEC this year.  After they get done cleaning up the table when the big boys are done.
  • Mike Leech trades his sword in for a bow and arrow and starts pegging apples at Washington State.  This somehow inspires Wazzu to double their wins to 2.
  • USC will walk into the Pac 12 as the favorite and will more than likely walk out the winner.  Oregon lost so much except those tasty uniforms.
  • But Matt Barkley will not win the Heisman Trophy.  The consolation?  The next contestant on The Bachelor.
  • Who will win the Heisman?  It’s a quarterback sport anymore so I think it will be someone from the that position.  I see Geno Smith nailing with Collin Klein coming in second.  Such a homer pick.
  • Speaking of Kansas State, Bill Snyder will live through the year and see a bowl win finally.  Maybe in the Beef O’Bradys Bowl.
  • Craig James will spew out some nonsense and get accepted to the Green Party’s ticket for president alongside Rosanne Barr.
  • I really do think this may be Michigan’s year for a Big 10 title. Unfortunately as soon as they step on that stage, they will instantly be overhyped and lose out in the Rose Bowl.
  • About 100 more players will be suspended due to mysterious ‘team rules’ epidemic going around.
  • I will not win Pick It and Stick It again this year.  I’m hedging my bet right now and will be saying ‘Called It!’ in December.
  • USC will face LSU and win in the BCS National Championship Game.  Only because USC did me so well in EA Sports NCAA College Football and LSU just doesn’t have it, much to the chagrin of everything SEC.
  • Finally, super predictor Phil Steele will rip off most of my predictions from this column and discredit everything else he did in 2012.

Crib Sheet for 2012-08-29

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Crib Sheet for 2012-08-22

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