Crib Sheet: West Virginia For Realz

Last week it was reported that West Virginia was going to Big 12, and now it is official.  There was some late swinging by Louisville to take their place but in the end West Virginia won out.  I guess when politicians get involved, it can turn uglyLouisville isn’t out the race yet.  When the Big 12 looks to expand here in a couple of years, they will be next on the list.  The next best thing to politicing is lawyering (he says sarcastically).  West Virginia won the former and is now pushing the latter by suing the Big East on the grounds that the conference and their commissioner is crappy.  I say they have a case.  On to the Crib Sheet:

  • Conference realignment is affecting everyone down to the recruits.  It seems a Missouri recruit switched from the Tigers to go to Texas A&M.  I guess he couldn’t wait until they were both in the SEC.
  • The Big East is trying to stay alive by sending out invites to a reported six schools, including Air Force, Boise State, and Navy.  They are in a more desperate position than the Big 12 right now.  Of course, it doesn’t help that the Big 12 is trying to poach some teams too.  I just hope they don’t do that mega super conference with the Mountain West and Conference USA.  That would be insane.
  • Meanwhile, the University of Houston’s board of regents gave the authority to their president to search for a new conference.  Some say it will be the Big East.  Man, everyone is getting an upgrayedd in mid-con land.  The extra ‘D’ is for a double dose of pimpin’.
  • Barry Switzer talked a little smack with Oklahoma State god T. Boone Pickens on Mack Brown and Texas.  It seems they both enjoy watching The Mack get smacked around.  Ah rivalries, I hope this one never goes away.
  • SEC commissioner Mike Slive said that they are fleshing out a 13 AND 14 team schedule for next year.   What does that mean?  It means they are preparing for either Missouri or someone better for next year.  Well, or just Texas A&M.
  • The NCAA approved a couple of changes in terms of rules.  First off, conferences can vote to add $2000 for scholarships.  Secondly, multi-year scholarships can be made available.  Not so fast my friend, now the GPA requirements are getting bumped higher too.  Finally, there’s something about basketball but I don’t care about that.  It looks as though we are getting closer to paying student athletes what they are worth.
  • USA Today is starting to ask the question that sholuld’ve been asked awhile ago, ‘Is ESPN the force behind realignment?’  The answer is yes.  No while they have their fingers in every conference, they did step in and save the Big 12 so it’s a bitter pill to swallow for me.
  • Walk on Oklahoma running back Dominique Whaley broke his ankle during the Kansas State game last week, but he will geta  scholarship in December.  If he’s been playing hard and doing well then he deserves it.  You don’t lose your job to injury.
  • Doh!  The SEC website accidentally announced Missouri’s move to the SEC.  Everyone is ready to jump the gun but they need to slow down and let the lawyers once over the deals.  If this happened to the Big 12, everyone would be saying how much in shambles the league is in.
  • Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly had to apologize to his players after talking some smack about them to some recruits.  He’s strutting around there like he’s won some big games, but he hasn’t yet and needs to pipe down until he does.
  • Former Texas quarterback Garrett Gilbert has a home in SMU now.  I guess the pull of June Jones convinced to head there and rebuild his career.
  • Democratic congressman Bobby Rush said that the NCAA is more like the mafia in how it treats student athletes.  It’s not quite a comparison that fits.  I’ve yet to see shakedowns and cement shoes on players.  I have seen scholarships, however under paid they may be.