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ESPM? Booo… YAY!!


October 11, 2003, Missouri vs. Nebraska, was perhaps the most exciting Missouri game I’ve ever witnessed. It was a cold rainy day, and Missouri trailed 24-14 in the third quarter. However, the rain and cold went unnoticed as Missouri outscored Nebraska 27-0 in the fourth quarter; thus, breaking a 24-game losing streak and beating a then Top 10 team. Since then, the Tigers have successfully beaten Nebraska at home, and Saturday was no exception…. Continue reading ESPM? Booo… YAY!!

I Look Fabulous in Purple; Otherwise, I would SO Not Where It

If it wasn’t for a pre-planned outing with a few women who insist on complaining about work and berating their “friends” (one reason krizzou prefers the men-folk), last Saturday could’ve been a stress-free day for me.  It was of course Missouri’s bye week, so I didn’t have to sweat over Pinkel’s inexplicable play-calling.  (Seriously, it’s a good thing the guy can recruit.)  Instead, I spent late morning/afternoon in an unruly sea of purple at the infamous Rusty’s Last Chance in Shawnee Mission.   Continue reading I Look Fabulous in Purple; Otherwise, I would SO Not Where It

The Ron Prince Stomp

The phone was ringing off of the hook (or vibrating in my backpack) as I was walking out of the gym. Saturday was the big day and all of my purple friends (including Krizzou believe it or not) were trying to get a hold of me for the big K-State versus Texas game. The plan was set and I was running a little behind. I popped home, scribbled some phone numbers down, did a couple of Yeti-administration tasks, and hit the road. I was expecting a good time, but what I got was a blow out of awesomeness.

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Another week down, another win for the Tigers and another climb in the polls. For a second week in a row I traveled to the heart of the beautiful state of Missouri for a day of tailgating and Tiger football. Unfortunately, we were not blessed to have a consecutive week of gorgeous fall weather, but all-in-all it was a pretty good college gameday. Continue reading TWO and a HALF HOURS, MY pig BUTT!!

Two clears, three reverses, and college football trumps

Well, I’m a little late in getting the post up, but when you’re weekend involves carting a bunch of drunk people to IHOP at 3:30 am, you’re gonna end up behind on a couple of things. You know, I didn’t have anything to eat to over there for the first time ever. I guess in the haze of all of the craziness, I knew I had to save some room for the crow I was about to eat over the first ever weekly pick bet. I did make up for the lack of flapjacks, however, for some tasty cheese fries at the Fox and Hound.

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T-D, we want a… what!?

It was around 8:15 Saturday morning, cruising across I-70 in Nowhere, MO when I opened my eyes from my brief nap and saw the first of many tiger tails whipping in the wind. The familiar site of the tiger tail attached to the trunk of the SUV brought a smile to my face. Sure it was week 3 of the season, sure there had already been two Mizzou victories, but this was the first home game; the first tailgate, the first day of watching football in the open air, and I was ready…. Continue reading T-D, we want a… what!?

Don’t Stop Believing (as sung by Boomer)

I can’t believe I struggled out of bed at 7:30 am Saturday morning to go hit the gym before rolling off to another bar for college gameday. I actually spent about 2 1/2 hours there, which I would never have imagined doing 2 years ago. 2 years ago, I would sleep in because of all of the massive partying I did the night before. Now I’m on the elliptical watching ESPN College Gameday (not to be confused with our blog), rocking out to some Jet and plotting the day. I never would have imagined that the day would be full of more surprises and more parties than I expected.

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Week 2: Home of the 12th Man, Wedding Parties, and YUCK!

Here’s yet another late post from the sunny side of State Line.  Forgive me for my tardiness, but I have my “first game” blinders on.  Each year, about 1 week prior to Mizzou’s home opener, I turn into a giddy little school girl.  My mind is clouded with thoughts of Tiger football, beer, brats, reuniting with old friends, etc.  It’s similar to thoughts of sugar plums, but even better!  Still, I can muster up a few thoughts about week two.  We’ll do this random style, and unlike Yurple, I don’t mind if you complain a little about local teams not being televised.

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Bags and Tubes make for a decent Gameday

Hey it’s another post! I guess I am starting to get into the habit of this. It’s interesting trying to get a good format for the blog and more than likely it will change from post to post. I’m real close to getting into the flow of things around here. Pretty soon, there will be more and coming from me and everyone else. As always, give us some feedback and try not complain too loud that none of the local teams made it to TV last week.

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This Little Piggy Watched Football, This Little Piggy had Beer…

And this little piggy saved the game!

Okay, that wasn’t much of a nursery rhyme, but it should give you enough information on whether or not you desire to finish reading my ‘kick-off’ post. In all honesty, I’m very excited about this venture. College Football season is absolutely my favorite time of year. It’s not just the game; it’s the camaraderie, the tailgating, the stories, the rivalries, the upsets… Regardless, if you’re an MU fan like me, a K-State fan like P-Yeti, or dear I say it, one of those Jayhawkers, I hope you find this site useful, or at least somewhat entertaining. Let the entertainment begin…. Continue reading This Little Piggy Watched Football, This Little Piggy had Beer…

It’s Division One Football! It’s the Big 12! It Ain’t Intramurals!

Hello and welcome on my inaugural post here at the KCCGD. Thanks to Colorado coach Dan Hawkins for reminding us way back in February what college football means to me and everyone here in the good ‘ole Midwest. Football on the weekends were always a big part of my life growing up in Kansas City and hopefully through everyone here at the site, we can make your outings just a little more special. Now on to the first stop:

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