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The Crib Sheet: Black Hole Sun News

Black Hole

So some news outlets are saying that May is the black hole of news for college football.  We here at the KCCGD are diligent in digging up interesting news and actually found enough to fill a column this week.  We’ll weather this storm together and hopefully ride out into June when practices start.   For now let’s do our best to ignore all of this lame-o baseball, weak basketball and hockey playoffs, and a post NFL draft hangover.  Here’s this week’s ration:

  • Holey Toledo!  Some football players including some basketball players from the University of Toledo were indicted on point shaving charges.  Nobody likes to see players go at it light.  Especially if they are getting paid for it.  Okay, I give in.  I just wanted to say Holey Toledo!
  • The Big 12 coaches decided to keep the tie breaking rule.  Huh?  Bo Pelini goes on the comment about how no matter what the 3rd team left out will get the shaft.  Okay, that’s understandable.  Is there a better way to break the tie?  We say rock, paper, scissors.
  • It looks like the Utah Attorney General is trying to push for a Senate run with his latest comments about the BCS.  Let’s look at it from a point of view perspective.  An undefeated team in football and no national title.  They have the right to be upset.  The way they are going about it?  Mmmm not so much.  A more clever way would be to rally support from all the non BCS conferences and begin to push as a whole on the BCS conferences.  If you really wanted to shake their boots, don’t schedule games with them.  Play outside of the BCS.  The BCS conferences would then freak becauces of the lack of weak team warm ups at the beginning of the season.
  • Sam Keller, a football alum from Nebraska, is suing EA Sports and the NCAA for using the likeness of athelets to make money off the games.  This is a hard one to call.  More and more the argument is growing for student-atheletes to be paid for promoting the school through sports.  While there is a pandora’s box of enabling that, surely the least they can do is up the stipend in terms of the scholarship and toss in a couple of Xboxes to boot.
  • ESPN blogger Tim Griffin takes us on a trip to the past and review a lesson taught to us by Mark Mangino of Kansas.  The old quote talks about how Mangino wanted to keep the spirit of the rivalry in tact.  Now that the tables are turned it seems that maybe this rivalry will be alive an well in Manhattan this year.  Snyder and Mangino go at it again.  I was at the game last year and as a Wildcat fan it stung hard.  Now there’s a fresh start and we hope that at the very least it is competitive because Kansas is the definite favorite.
  • So someone is selling a 2005 Rose Bowl ring belonging to former Texas Longhorn lineman Austin Sendlein on eBay, including his 2004 ring.  It looks as though he left it in the hotel room he was staying at in Columbus, Ohio to watch his brother play.  Seems that Buckeye fans don’t take to kindly to Longhorn folk.  Although he did goof and leave it in the hotel room.  Linemen are supposed to be smart.

The Crib Sheet: Oral Fixation


For some reason this week people are scared of the swine er h2n1 flu.  It’s a flu, usually if you are really young or super old it will hurt you bad.  The oncoming pandemic only points out that yes, the United States is a clean nation.  Thanks to all of the pump bottles of disinfectant gels pushing out the very lifeblood of our safety, we can be fully prepared for a Real American Flu.  Not some cheap Mexican knock off.  So I say, lick and finger everything is sight!  It’s okay!  And while you’re at it, suck on this week’s Crib Sheet:

The Crib Sheet: The Boys Of Summer Will Soon Be Gone


In case you didn’t notice, the professional baseball season is under way.  Isn’t that great!  Just like what Beano Cook says, it just means that the football season is getting closer!  We here at the KCCGD do not cover college baseball but we’re sure it’s really exciting.  If the major leagues didn’t draft all of the real talent first, we’re sure it would be better.  This is the same problem basketball suffers from.  Which we don’t cover too (yet).  At some point, once the staff gets filled out, we’ll cover the more important college sports for the Kansas City area.  Until then, here’s this week’s college football news:

  • The vaunted, Charlie Weiss led, Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football Head Coach, er, Charlie Weiss confirmed that we was thinking about leaving the program.  He asked his family about after weighing options and a major lumping from USC to close out last season.   Last year, they were 7-6.  If they can bump that up a win or two and win the bowl, he should be safe.  If he dips, he’s a goner.
  • Michigan was offering Greg Paulus a chance to vie for quarterback this year.  Paulus, who didn’t even toss a ball around when he was visiting the campus, now has the option to join the graduate program and the football team.  This is turning into a crazy situation.  Is Rich Rodriguez desperate?  Or does he see a golden opportunity.  This story wasn’t done, however.  Paulus skipped the Wolverines and now is visiting both Nebraska and Syracuse.  Good luck to whoever wastes their time on the guy.
  • The Big 12 comes in at number 3 in terms of attendance broken out by conference last year.  It’s a 3% jump whereas number 1 SEC grew by about 2% and number 2 Big 10 dropped by about 1%.  It looks like that trend may continue next year, which will keep this writer happy and bring hope to eventually passing the Big 10 in attendance.
  • Oklahoma can’t surf the internet as much, due to NCAA voliations and a new policy from the administration.  If you are an Oklahoma Sooner, athlete or alumni, this site is safe to use.  Tell your friends and family.  We are So0ner friendly.  Kinda.
  • Colby Whitlock from Texas Tech gives major props to wrestling, as Tim Griffin writes.  As a former high school football player/wrestler I can attest to how much more an athlete can gain by participating a wrestling.  Balance, speed, and endurance will raise up, which is important for the the fat middle guys like myself.  The actual wrestling part I didn’t like, but the condition part was great.
  • The Mountain West Commissioner did a song and dance to argue for the proposed playoff structure for the BCS.  It seems Utah won’t let this go.  Hopefully a nice little press release will send this one away.  Methinks it won’t go, but one can hope.

The Crib Sheet: Looking for a Football News Epicac


You know, we here at the KCCGD figured that the college football off season would be dank with news but after this last week, we can say that there always something to talk about.  We’ve got contract negotiations, run ins with the law, rule changes, and even where are they nows (or end ups).  The biggest of the bunch being the Mike Leach contract talks.  But we will never, ever talk about the Nebraska spring practice game.  Here’s what happened in the last week:

  • Oklahoma State Wide Receiver Bo Bowling was caught drugging up and is now suspended from the team.  What is it about football players that make them think they can continue to do what they did back in high school when they are under more a public light?  You’d figure some of them would learn, but learning isn’t why they’re there.
  • So there’s a proposition floating around to make pre endzone celebrations penalized and points taken off the board.   I guess the treat of points slipping from the board will make players think twice, but I would go with the penalty first and if that doesn’t work then hit them up with points.
  • Kansas coach Mark Mangino promoted a couple of coaches.  When it rains, it pours.  The success of the Jayhawks goes around for everybody on the staff.  Although when it rains on Coach Mangino, I bet his feet never get wet.
  • In Big 10 land, Iowa re-upped Kirk Ferentz’s contract with more dough going into his pockets.  A little rumor goes a long way.  When the Kansas City Chiefs fired Herman Edwards, on of the replacements on the list was Kirk Ferentz.  Kirk needs to send Scott Pioli a fruit basket.
  • The vaunted, Charlie Weiss led, Notre Dame Fighting Irish will now be more lead by Chuck as he’s taking over on offensive play calling.  They had a bowl year last year to save his butt, but taking over on calls makes me a little worried.  I’m gonna go dust off the clock on his hot seat right now.
  • Be ready for some Mizzou mania early on in the year on ESPN.  They are playing the Big 12 opener against Nebraska on Oct. 8.  Which means we get the game against Nevada and the season opener against Illinois on TV as well.  The earlier the better, as this year will be an off one for the Tigers.
  • I’m trying really hard not to talk about baseball in any form, but when they are recruiting 12 yeard olds it gets to be too much to handle.  Please oh please don’t be like baseball and take the fun out of the game at young age.  Let the kid grow up some first before buying him an iPhone.
  • Texas Tech and Mike Leach are still dancing around the contract ho down.  Leach wants a better buyout option and Texas Tech wants fine him for talking to other schools.  We get some reality from, where they remind us he has two years to go on his contract and if nothing happens, then they will do this dance again next year.  That is, after the board of regents figures things out.
  • Ivan Maisel reminds us that the BCS won’t change for awhile.  He goes on to talk about Jerry Jone’s mega dome and how it could be the potential home for the Sugar Bowl.  That would make it more of a player than the other BCS bowls.  Tune in next four years as the BCS turns.
  • Taking his ball and going home, Ron Prince will be named the new Associate Head Coach at Virginia.  Welp he had a 3 year run as a head coach, ruined a program, and is pretty much right back where he started.  Good luck and good riddance.

The Crib Sheet: Cannonball Comin’

Jeremy Wolfert's Winning Dive

It’s the Crib Sheet today and this week we focus a little more on K-State.  What can I say?  Most of the news from the week exposed the Wildcats as a middle tier type college trying to be big time.  Speaking of making it to the big time, there’s rumblings again for some shake up,  BCS style.   This argument will die down again when March Madness hits and probably won’t pick up again until August.  So consider this the last hurrah for the BCS/playoff argument for awhile.  In the meantime, the Crib Sheet’s got your paper for the week:

  • Apparently there was a big rift at K-State between Jon Wefald and Tim Weiser.  I kinda wondered why they gave Ron Prince an extension last year.   As well as know, reality hit and they realized he sucked so they bought out his contract.  Wildcats out over $3 million.  Good job Ron.  Hopefully the administration in the Little Apple will quit trying to be big time and let the athletic department do its thing.
  • Because of the nasty little tidbit, we get a resignation from Bob Krause, the current AD.  I knew this guy was out of his league when listening to the press conference on Ron Prince’s firing.  This guy had greenhorn written all over him.  He really botched the firing and hiring of K-State’s head football coach.  If this guy had a tighter lid 0n things, we may be seeing Gary Patterson instead of Bill Snyder 2.0.
  • Florida is not a unanimous champion, well at least in Congress.  Congress passed a resolution recognizing the Florida Gators as national champions in college football, but some members voted “No” and some members voted “Present”, including all of the Senators from Utah.   It’s nice to see that in this economic climate, the nation’s leaders are sticking their nose in college football.  You know, they did that for Major League Baseball and look how that turned out.  Yes We Can!  Well….Maybe that is.
  • Now ex-kicker for Mizzou Jeremy Wolfert will rejoin the dive team to help out his swimming buddies.  It seems after finishing his illustrious career as a kicker (and missing some important tries) J-Dog will go back to the team to help win the Big 12 in swimming.  Hey, didja see the missed kick he had against KU?  He doesn’t win.  Make sure he doesn’t miss the pool wide right.
  • So you figure a Big 12 Congressman would be all for the BCS, but some guy in Texas wants a law for a playoff.  Excuse me?  Aren’t we in one of the worst economic times evar?  So why are politicians introducing bills for college sports when they need to save their butt on real domestic issues?  Clearly it’s a play for votes, but this kinda stuff that bubbles up actually influences the opposite position for me.
  • The Mountain West Conference is ready for the big time!  With Utah going undefeated twice and winning their BCS games twice, they have legitimate beef.  I’d say give them the auto-bid to replace an open bid.  Either that or demote a weaker conference down.  ESPN thinks it should be the Big East.  Let’s face it, the contract is all about the current big conferences so any changes that affect the big guys probably won’t come until it’s time to renew the contract in a couple of years.
  • Hi my name is Josh Freeman, I’m overhyped and I like Lil Wayne and Garth Brooks.  Let’s do a couple of more – How many years in the NFL will I play: 3 (riding the bench for 2), My favorite target on the field:  The opposing player, if I’m under pressure,   Who I want to be most like in the NFL: Jamarcus Russell or Vince Young, The best thing I learned in college:  Could you repeat the question?

Gators Chomp on Sooners and The PurpleYeti Chomps on Bar Food

Congratulations go out to the Florida Gators as your BCS Champion! I’m a little bummed out because this Yeti was going for Oklahoma Sooners. It could have been worse. The game could have been a complete blowout. At least the Sooners kept the game close until the last couple minutes of the game. Also, congratulations go out to Wharfrats for picking smartly and going against the Sooners for the Bowl Pick ‘Em title. It was a let down Thursday night, but JJ’s Other Place kept me warm.

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BCS Title Game Makes Me Race To JJ’s Other Place

BCS Title Logo

To quote Keith Jackson, “WHOA NELLY!”  What a game Monday night!  Apparently a month of planning from Coach Tressel can help the Ohio State Buckeyes make a game against the Texas Longhorns.  The McCoy/Crosby connection toward the end of the game reminded me of the Harrell/Crabtree connection made from Texas Tech earlier this year.  The Longhorns eeked out of the Fiesta Bowl with a win and the Ohio State Buckeyes go home a BCS bust (again).

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Bowl Pick It Standings: Two Minute Warning and the Marching Band is on the Field

We’re running into the last stretch of big games and we are getting ready for the final 3 games of the college football season.  The last week brought us some upsets, some blowouts, some intrigue, and some fatter bellies and stinkier rooms.  Bowl season so far has proved to be, well, anticlimactic but we’re geared up for Florida vs Oklahoma.  The other two games landed on nonplussed for our feelings.

The vaunted, Charlie Weiss led, Notre Dame fighting Irish played hard for their coached and blew the heat off of him by blowing out Hawaii in the, you guessed it, the Hawaii Bowl.  The Pac-10 quieted all detractors by going undefeated in their bowls year, topping it off with a USC blowout of the somewhat Paterno led Penn State Nittany Lions.  Speaking of the Big 10, they are 1-5 in bowls this year with one game left to go.  The Purple Yeti loved the finish to the Kentucky and East Carolina game when Kentucky’s defensive lineman Ventrell Jenkins stiffed armed East Carolina’s Partrick Pinkey after picking him off and tumbled into the endzone for the winning score 25-19.

But that’s not all that happened.  The Big 12 so far has a decent showing going with Missouri kicking it off and barely chugging by Northwestern.  The Tigers should’ve lost the game but the found a way to come out on top.  I was in the gym when Oklahoma State was up 17-7 over Oregon at half and dang near dropped my jaw to the floow when I saw the final score later, Oregon 42, Oklahoma State 31.  KU handled Minnesota rather easily, which worked out well for the evening as Wii Sports were to be had.  The best game of New Year’s Day happened to be the Gator Bowl where Nebraska came from behind to beat the Clemson Tigers.  Too bad Texas Tech couldn’t make a case for being in the title chase when Ole Miss handed them an Ole Whuppin 47-34 in the Cotton Bowl.

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Pick It and Stick It: Big Bad Bowl Edition

Picking Machine

Just when you thought it was done, the Pick It and Stick It is back for the bowl season!  We’re gonna do something a little different this year.  For the bowl picks, everyone is invited to participate.  That’s right, you’ll get the chance to compete with the Purple Yeti, Krizzou, Cabbottmtf, and the rest of the KCCGD crew.  We’re using the fantasy sports College Bowl Pick’Em system from Yahoo at  Here’s how you can sign up:

Be sure to read the rules and figure out how to pick the games.  It’s the kind of pick ’em where you rank the order of confidence as well as who’s gonna win.  The first game is on December 20th so be sure to set your picks by then.  As for the prize?  We’ll come up with something or post below and let us know.  At the very least it will be something comparable to what Cabbottmtf won in the regular season Pick It and Stick It.  Good luck to all and go Big 12 in the bowls!

Bowlspotting: That’s Right, We’re Spotting the Bowls

There’s more than 10 pins there

With the regular season over, we need something to do between the various holiday events.  So why not watch all of the Big 12 bowl games?  Fortunately we have five days straight of bowl games that feature a Big 12 team during the last week of the year.  How is the KCCGD staff going to handle the load?   We don’t know.  Chances are we’ll post in the morning where we will go and then talk about the game later on that night.  If we go out to all of the games.  It’s gonna be hard and crazy for sure.  The BCS National Championship game will be spotted somewhere, but we’ll build up to that when the time comes.  For now, here’s the Big 12 representation of the bowl schedule (thanks

Valero Alamo
Missouri vs. Northwestern
San Antonio
Dec. 29, 7 p.m. ESPN
Pacific Life Holiday
Oklahoma State vs. Oregon
San Diego
Qualcomm Stadium
Dec. 30, 7 p.m. ESPN
Kansas vs. Minnesota
Tempe, Ariz.
Sun Devil Stadium
Dec. 31, 4:30 p.m. NFL Network
Konica Minolta Gator
Nebraska vs. Clemson
Jacksonville, Fla.
Jacksonville Municipal Stadium
Jan. 1, 2009, 12 p.m. CBS
AT&T Cotton
Ole Miss vs. Texas Tech
Cotton Bowl
Jan. 2, 2009, 1 p.m. FOX
Tostitos Fiesta
Ohio State vs. Texas
Glendale, Ariz.
University of Phoenix Stadium
Jan. 5, 2009, 7 p.m. FOX
FedEx BCS National Championship Game
Florida vs. Oklahoma
Dolphin Stadium
Jan. 8, 2009, 7 p.m. FOX

Missouri, after falling back to earth this year, tries to do to the Big 10 Wildcats what they did with the Big 12 version in the Alamo Bowl.  The Oklahoma State Cowboys will be shooting ducks against Oregon in the Holiday Bowl.  The Gator Bowls marks a New Year’s Day return for the Nebraska Cornhuskers as they take on Clemson.  Ole Miss tries to outshoot the left out Texas Tech Red Raiders in the Cotton Bowl.  The Texas Longhorns look toward the Ohio State Buckeyes to take out their frustrations in the Fiesta Bowl.  Finally, the Oklahoma Sooners circles the wagons for the Florida Gators in the BCS National Championship Game.  That’s one heckuva lineup and this empy week and a half of hype does little to pass the time on our way to Bowl Season.

Pick It Standings Week 15: Final Final BCS and Pick It and Stick Title

Oklahoma is the new number one and the bowl schedule is set.  Some say Texas got bushwhacked in the decision making process, and I’m not sure if the argument is there.  Yes, head to head was a Texas win on a neutral field.  But with the provision in the Big 12 stating that it goes to the BCS rankings, Oklahoma is on top.  You’re gonna see that rule changed shortly after the end of the season.  Maybe even shorter if the Sooners lose and the Longhorns win.  But what about Texas Tech?  They were in it as well.  The argument was base off head to head but the Red Raiders beat the Longhorns.  Where is their say?  I think people forgot.  Which is why the head to head argument is weak when its three teams.  So the BCS rankings take the role but the Big 12 should’ve been consistent and had the rule the other leagues had.  Hopefully the decision proves right for this year and both Texas and Oklahoma win their BCS Bowls.  In the meantime, here’s the Pick It Standings:

Rank Pick Set Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Total
1 Cabbottmtf 17 11 9 13 8 11 10 10 11 7 7 7 7 7 4 139
2 Krizzou 16 12 8 11 9 10 6 10 8 5 9 9 6 0 0 119
3 Purple Yeti 14 10 8 10 4 6 6 7 10 6 9 8 6 6 3 113

So Cabbottmtf had the Virginia Tech Hokies winning over Boston College in the ACC Championship game and that was all he needed to win the week.  Krizzou is still on vacation but narrowly averted a late comeback from the Purple Yeti.  Here’s your final standings for the Pick It and Stick It league.  Congratualaitons to Cabbottmtf as he earned himself a picther of beer the next barspot he makes out.  Pick It’s not over yet, as details about it will come out Friday.  That’s right, Bowl Pick ‘Em.  Get ready as there is a gajillion bowls and Yahoo! will keep track of all of them.  We’ll post standings and so forth and probably lob up another pitcher as the prize.  Good luck!  Speaking of luck here’s the final BCS Standings:

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The Fools Stayed at the Granfalloon

The last regular season barspot brought us to the Granfalloon.  The Big 12 Championship game pitted Missouri versus Oklahoma and we wanted to celebrate the pagentry with the lights of the Plaza.  It was a cold evening and traffic was a holiday shopping nightmare, but we braved the conditions and made our way in.  It would take a Christmas miracle for Missouri to win and we felt the mojo would be had at the Granfalloon.
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Barspotting: Making a Grand Fool of Ourselves at the Granfalloon

The Granfalloon

This week, we’re making a quick pit stop the Granfalloon.  The only memories I remember of this place is being a crowded multi room bar.  After further inspection on their website, it seems like they have a pretty good amount of HD flat screens for barspotting.  So why not give it a shot.  The Big 12 Championship is at 7pm so hopefully we squeeze on in there.  This is the last barspot before bowl season, so we hope it’s a good one.

When: Saturday, December 6th 2008
Where: The Granfalloon608 Ward Pkwy Kansas City, MO 64112
Time: 7:00 PM – for the only real game of the weekend
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Pick It Standings Week 14: Pulling Apart the BCS and Big 12 Entanglement

Following up on the Skybox barspot review, Oklahoma beat up Oklahoma State to make their case for a trip to the Big 12 title game.  Not to jump the gun, but the Sooners made it to number 2 and they are heading to Big 12 Championship game.  So the Standford stalwart in Ivan Maisel has pointed the finger of shame at the Big 12 for the latest BCS/Big 12 confusion.  Basically since it was a 3 way tie at the top of the Big 12 South, the conference rule is to go to the BCS rankings.  The Big 12 is the only conference that doesn’t have a provision where it says that if the teams are within 5 spots of each other, they revert to head-to-head matchups.  In that case, Texas would go to the conference championship.

In keeping with the need for consistency in the BCS, the Big 12 should enable that provision.  Then after that, the Pac 10 and Big 11 should have a conference championship game.  Until that happens, we just have to deal with the setup this year.  That said, I think it’s a good thing for Texas.  Oklahoma has another chance to choke and Missouri has a great opportunity to save their season and go to a BCS bowl with a win.  With all of the noise about Texas getting screwed in the last week, the upset should see Texas penciled in for the BCS title game for the second time in Longhorns history.   Sheesh, the drama almost writes itself.  Now on to the picks:

Rank Pick Set Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Total
1 Cabbottmtf 17 11 9 13 8 11 10 10 11 7 7 7 7 7 0 135
2 Krizzou 16 12 8 11 9 10 6 10 8 5 9 9 6 0 0 119
3 Purple Yeti 14 10 8 10 4 6 6 7 10 6 9 8 6 6 0 110

So Cabbottmtf needs to head down to Ameristar Casino and hit up the slot machines because he’s been showing all 7’s for the fifth straight week now.  I would say that luck came into play for the picks, but it all comes down to him being the better betting man.  Krizzou on the other hand is securely holding 2nd and laughing the whole way at the Purple Yeti because of the weak pick set in the upcoming week.  Okay, so the standings are pretty much locked in and now all we have to do is play out the next week.  If anyone has any ideas about what the Yeti should do bet wise at the title game, drop a comment below.  Here’s the wrap up of the BCS standings:

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Pick It Standings Week 13: Announcing Team A-Go-Go

So in yesterday’s hullabaloo, I briefly mentioned my thoughts on the marquee announce team of Kirk Herbstreit and Brent Musberger.  They aren’t the worst announce team, but they certainly are not the best.  Kirk I really don’t have much of a problem with as he finally turned the corner after dogging K-State for years.  But I still keep him on a leash.  Brent, on the other hand, is the Dick Vitale of college football.  And by that I mean he’s all fluff and no substance.  I guess if you’re mainstream like he is, you gotta be non confrontational, but it gets really annoying how much he cheers on the team that happens to be doing well at that period of time in the game.  Oh well, at least we’re sure he’ll get the team names right, unlike Keith Jackson (he called K-State the Kansas State Jayhawks the first year they beat Nebraksa in forever at Manhattan).  At any rate, here’s the pick standings:

Rank Pick Set Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Total
1 Cabbottmtf 17 11 9 13 8 11 10 10 11 7 7 7 7 0 0 128
2 Krizzou 16 12 8 11 9 10 6 10 8 5 9 9 6 0 0 119
3 Purple Yeti 14 10 8 10 4 6 6 7 10 6 9 8 6 0 0 104

It’s only a matter of time before the dwindling amount of games run through and Cabbottmtf can claim his title. Keeping with the trend for the last four weeks, Cabbottmtf rings in a big ole 7 spot.  Given that the picks this week were light, he actually came out on top.  Krizzou and the Purple Yeti at the turkey, 6 point style.  As we head into the holiday, we again ask for alms or at least some kind of thing the loser of the pick set can do at the big, end of the year blowout.  Post your comments below and please keep it PG-13.  Here’s this week’s BCS Standings:

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