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Holiday Football at Skybox Left Us Wanting Seconds

Riding back in the car Sunday, while it shuffled through the snow sprinkling down in the Ozarks Sunday, I started going over just what kind of weekend I experienced.  It was food filled, family and friends filled, and just enough football filled.  We saw a true Border War this weekend and we were thankful for a great time.  But before I jump on the recovery treadmill, let’s do a flyby of Skybox.
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Pick It and Stick It: Picking Our Way Through a Quiet Weekend

I have to admit, it’s feeling a little vacuous around KCCGD headquarters. All of the excitement from last week’s Ron Prince firing has died down to hearsay from family members. The next biggest game of the year courtesy of the Big 12 is next week. The biggest game this week comes from Lawrence and the Talk isn’t expecting much from the game. What’s left to do? Well in the lull times of football games you really are left up to the activities a bar has while you watch the mismatches play. Sometimes the games at a bar can be the saving grace to day of poor college football watching. Let’s hope that Dirk’s comes through as I’m bringing some extra quarters in preparation. Here’s this week’s picks:
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Sunflower Showdown 08: From Fuzzy to Sharp to Fuzzy to OUT

As you may have noted above, it’s the first video recording from my trusted Sony Cybershot DSC-W120 and what better place to do it than the Sunflower Showdown.  To correct myself, Kansas State played Kansas for the 106th time at Memorial Stadium in Lawrence, Kansas.  The courtesy tent we started out in foreshadowed the day as we tailgated our way to another glorious set college football games.  The fog from the morning lifted for the game, but our own fog soon returned.  This was a road trip to remember, sorta.
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Barspotting: Stadiumspotting Sunflower Showdown Style

Memorial Stadium

Yes it’s road trip time for some of us here at KCCGD.  Look for some tailgating wackiness and a healthy dose of live football video action this weekend as we hop on a bus and make way for Memorial Stadium.  It’s Sunflower Showdown time as the Kansas State Wildcats travel to Lawrence to take on the Kansas Jayhawks.  Both teams took a whooping last week and really lost in the same style:  giving up the ball.  We here at the KCCGD won’t turnover the coverage this weekend as we look to see some sweet pre-game action and pray that this week’s game is a little more than competitive.  At any rate, it should be a blast and am sleeping just a little extra this week in preparation of a rockin’ good time.
When: Saturday, November 1st 2008
Where:  University of Kansas Memorial Stadium1000 W 11th St Lawrence, KS 66045
Time: 9:30 AM – We hope to see you tailgating out there!
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Flaming Fannies From Some Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings

This week’s barspot hits up a franchise with the wacky folks from Buffalo Wild Wings.  Raytown was the place we went to form the various locations around the area, and after the nice drive through Swope Park it seemed the right choice.  I was fired up for the games as there were homecomings for some North schools and a big national contest in the South as well as the Big 10.  Buffalo Wild Wings also fired me up in other places Let’s hit the barspot.
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Tumblweeds a Rollin’ and Arizona’s a Blowin’ for Some Wild Midwest Action

Arizona’s Neighborhood Grille & Bar

In the haze of a mid October sun, the KCCGD wagon train rolled up to the wild west of Shawnee, Kansas to watch some ball at Arizona’s Neighborhood Grille and Bar.  The rustic setting of the place provided a decent setting for the shootout that was to become.  There were some disappointments for the day, including the saloon we witnessed them in.  But we buckled down, circled the wagons, and set up post for some college football.
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Salty Tasting Kite’s And Purple Yeti Yapping

Kite’s Outside

The alumni crew were coming out of the woodwork for the week’s blogspot. Mucho mojo was needed to help push K-State over Texas Tech and going to the Manhattan homestead of Kite’s (or at least the KC Area version) was part of the mix. We were definitely intent on reliving the magic of college as well as the magic of last year’s blogspot with K-State over Texas. What we learned, however, was a controversy that must be addressed with a call to action to K-State fans everywhere. We’re bringing the SALT this week so here we go:
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Kansas Talent Caged To KU, What Up Ron?

Cat’s Meow No More, EPIC FAIL

So Jeff Martin wrote a piece today in the KC Star stating the obvious:  K-State recruiting is hurting bad, especially in state.  The article talks about how all of the in state talent is heading to Jayhawk country or out of state.  They even had Jeremy Crabtree from come out and say the same thing.  So yup, Ron Prince is riding the JUCO train now.   Nothing wrong with that, right?

I’m not so sure.  Prince was quoted as focusing on in state talent at the beginning of his tenure and then he double backed on his words by preaching the balance of in state and JUCO kids.  Maybe that’s why some recruits ran away, like Chris Harper.  His family didn’t trust Ron and he moved to Oregon.  Is he talking the talk and not walking the stomp?  What’s up?

I understand that when you’re losing you need to bring in talent wherever you can get it.  But when you talk about bringing in the in state kids and not following through on that, you will lose credibility.  Nobody expected KU to do so well and the Wildcats will have to deal with that but if the recruits don’t trust the coach then what does that say about the talent on the field?  So far, not so much.

The knife in the eye from the piece was Harper stating that he was open to going to K-State if  Snyder was there.  Double Ouch.

Downtown KC, Small (Not Big) Willie’s Style


It’s another week of football down and it’s getting achingly close to conference play.  The day’s event took us to Willie’s next to the Power & Light district.  It was kind of a blah afternoon after football leading up to some major action for the evening’s games, much the build up of non-con games before the real meat of the conference ball.  At any rate we learned about premier teams, KU’s play, and some cottage fries.
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Barspotting: Two Spots, One Week, Zero Time (except for Willie’s)

One quick note before the Saturday spot.  The ole KCCGD crew is heading out to Kite’s (formerly Rusty’s Last Chance) to watch K-State vs Louisville.  Freeman got some front page love yesterday on as the Big 12 Blogger Tim Griffin talked about Josh being up there as one of the league’s best quarterbacks.  He also picked the Wildcats with the shnide over the Cardinals.  It’s on the road but they travel well and Louisville may be out a couple of offensive linemen for the game so I’m with Tim and giving the Yeti Schnide to K-State.  Here’s Saturday’s spot:

Willie’s Kansas City

When: Saturday, September 20th 2008
Where: Willie’s Kansas City, 1501 Grand Av, Kansas City, MO 64108
Time: Evening-ish.  Probably 5pm.
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Sopping Wet Still From Football And Some Stromboli


One of the bigger games of the week happened the previous night with KU narrowly losing out to South Florida in an exciting game.  Too bad I didn’t pop out to see it because I was holed in waiting for the tornado sirens to blare down for the evening.  So strolling into Maloney’s Saturday morning, I figured that the much of the severe weather was over.  After watching the games, however, the natural disasters were all over the place.  At least Maloney’s was a tiny comfort riding the day out.
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Pick It and Stick It: It Should Be Rivalry Week But It’s Some Other Dumb Name

So I’m sitting here listening to the what will probably be the best game of the week, KU and South Florida tied at 34 with under a minute and KU with the ball, and I’m wondering why college football deemed the USC vs Ohio State game the Collision at the Colosseum? Going over the barspotting post, it looks like it should be Rivalry Week. Iowa vs. Iowa State, Texas vs Arkansas, Notre Dame vs Michigan. Those are big time games. Granted UT and Ark got moved because of Ike and the Domers against the Wolves isn’t nearly what it was, but it seems like those handful of games should at least match the big time game Saturday night. I know one thing, I’m glad I’m not at The Other Place again because I don’t think the Iowa fans in the area can handle another loss to the ‘Clones. Here’s this week’s picks:
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Rainy Day Football at Danny’s Bar & Grill

Danny’s Bar & Grill

The overcast clouds could only hint at to what was to come for another day of college football as I pulled into the parking lot Saturday morning. For some teams, the rain was hard and heavy. For others, it was destination cloud nine. The warm comfort of Danny’s Bar & Grill covered me as I was covering them. Isn’t it ironic? Don’t ya think?

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Ending the Year on a High Note and Some PBR

So I’m sitting here on the couch contemplating getting ready for the New Year’s Eve rounds I’m making when I realized, “Hey I haven’t posted to the KCCGD in awhile!” Believe it or not, I actually did watch college football in the last month and yes I did go to some bars. I fell off the wagon with holidays and what not and I’m getting a head start on my resolution: posting more to the blog! So, in the offseason there’ll be some new additions and news posts and any other junk that fits our little world here. But for now, I missed a month of football news/updates so I’m about to unload, shotgun style:
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