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The Crib Sheet: No Letter of Intent Needed

Signing Day Starts Young

It’s signing day and the Crib Sheet is trucking along.  Apparently this is like the NFL draft for colleges.  What I’m thankful for is Mel Kiper is busy preening his hair to care about the high school kids.  This is the first time we’re covering signing day and there is an interesting culture surrounding the event.  One thing I noticed was how the scouting reporter guys on the sports radio all sound like they lived in the trailer next ot Randy the Ram from the movie The Wresltler.  Here’s the sheet:

  • Bobby Bowden’s got another year in him.  Florida State made it to a bowl this year and things are looking up.  His contract expired and they brought him on for another year.   But seriously, I think it’s some kind of sick bet between Bobby and Joe Pa to see who will kick the bucket on the field first.  Tune in next year I suppose.
  • Jim Halley reminds us signing day is more like signing year.  The interesting thing to note is that the number one recruit for running backs, Bryce Brown, committed to Miami o’ Florida, but he’s still shopping around colleges.  Yup he’s from Wichita, so K-State still has a chance.  I’m not holding my breath.
  • Another violation by Sarkisian and Washington.  They’re saying that this time it’s minor but the demerits are already piling up.  Yeah the Huskies were winless last year, but are they going to be handcuffed from winning a game next year?
  • Walk ons are back for the Nebraska Cornhuskers agian.  It’s good to see they are bringing back that tradition.  It’s no Rudy, but hey, the whole state is Big Red so you might as well bring some kid on that has the passion.
  • In the “College Football is All Business” department, a Tennessee alum is suing the school because they want to jack up the price of seats he got in a lifetime contract.  Apparently, his dad raised enough funage to land the rights and the University wants to move him and charge him more cash to stay.  It’s a good thing he’s lawyer so he can use the fees he would’ve paid for representation to go into the seats when he loses the case.
  • Now that Bowden’s back, the players are celebrating in the tradition of Florida State football players and getting arrested.  Preston Parker fell asleep at the wheel in a McDonald’s drive thru around 5am on January 24th.  He blew under the limit, but admitted being drunk and stoned to the cops.  He didn’t hurt anybody so this is hilarious.
  • The Sporting News counted down the top recruits for 2009.  Bryce Brown is number one and no one else close to the KC area is in the Top 25.  We should be seeing many of the top guys sign today but rumor has it Bryce is holding out a little bit longer.
  • Ohio State lineman Alex Boone pulls a ‘Don’t Tase Me Bro!’ after yielding a tow truck cable tyring to break stuff.  Yup he was D-Runk.  I’m not sure if this guy’s stock will fall in the draft this year.  Maybe the Dallas Cowboyws will pick him up.
  • A clinical study shows that football players out of high school are getting bigger, the Homer Simpson way.  Instead of doing the GNC Multi Grain Protein Gut Buster, they’re pigging up on fatty food.  Unless they’re doing the Atkins, the study says they are on the way to big time shock.  Good thing college programs straighten out.  Still, the graph’s pretty cool about how big theses guys are getting
  • Condi Rice says no to the Pac 10 and keeps making the cheddah on the speaker circuit.  That makes sense, get money for fluff instead of defending the ridiculous position on the Rose Bowl year in and year out.  Please let’s keep politics out of college football.  I’m looking at you President Obama.

Bowl Pick It Standings: Two Minute Warning and the Marching Band is on the Field

We’re running into the last stretch of big games and we are getting ready for the final 3 games of the college football season.  The last week brought us some upsets, some blowouts, some intrigue, and some fatter bellies and stinkier rooms.  Bowl season so far has proved to be, well, anticlimactic but we’re geared up for Florida vs Oklahoma.  The other two games landed on nonplussed for our feelings.

The vaunted, Charlie Weiss led, Notre Dame fighting Irish played hard for their coached and blew the heat off of him by blowing out Hawaii in the, you guessed it, the Hawaii Bowl.  The Pac-10 quieted all detractors by going undefeated in their bowls year, topping it off with a USC blowout of the somewhat Paterno led Penn State Nittany Lions.  Speaking of the Big 10, they are 1-5 in bowls this year with one game left to go.  The Purple Yeti loved the finish to the Kentucky and East Carolina game when Kentucky’s defensive lineman Ventrell Jenkins stiffed armed East Carolina’s Partrick Pinkey after picking him off and tumbled into the endzone for the winning score 25-19.

But that’s not all that happened.  The Big 12 so far has a decent showing going with Missouri kicking it off and barely chugging by Northwestern.  The Tigers should’ve lost the game but the found a way to come out on top.  I was in the gym when Oklahoma State was up 17-7 over Oregon at half and dang near dropped my jaw to the floow when I saw the final score later, Oregon 42, Oklahoma State 31.  KU handled Minnesota rather easily, which worked out well for the evening as Wii Sports were to be had.  The best game of New Year’s Day happened to be the Gator Bowl where Nebraska came from behind to beat the Clemson Tigers.  Too bad Texas Tech couldn’t make a case for being in the title chase when Ole Miss handed them an Ole Whuppin 47-34 in the Cotton Bowl.

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Bowlspotting: That’s Right, We’re Spotting the Bowls

There’s more than 10 pins there

With the regular season over, we need something to do between the various holiday events.  So why not watch all of the Big 12 bowl games?  Fortunately we have five days straight of bowl games that feature a Big 12 team during the last week of the year.  How is the KCCGD staff going to handle the load?   We don’t know.  Chances are we’ll post in the morning where we will go and then talk about the game later on that night.  If we go out to all of the games.  It’s gonna be hard and crazy for sure.  The BCS National Championship game will be spotted somewhere, but we’ll build up to that when the time comes.  For now, here’s the Big 12 representation of the bowl schedule (thanks

Valero Alamo
Missouri vs. Northwestern
San Antonio
Dec. 29, 7 p.m. ESPN
Pacific Life Holiday
Oklahoma State vs. Oregon
San Diego
Qualcomm Stadium
Dec. 30, 7 p.m. ESPN
Kansas vs. Minnesota
Tempe, Ariz.
Sun Devil Stadium
Dec. 31, 4:30 p.m. NFL Network
Konica Minolta Gator
Nebraska vs. Clemson
Jacksonville, Fla.
Jacksonville Municipal Stadium
Jan. 1, 2009, 12 p.m. CBS
AT&T Cotton
Ole Miss vs. Texas Tech
Cotton Bowl
Jan. 2, 2009, 1 p.m. FOX
Tostitos Fiesta
Ohio State vs. Texas
Glendale, Ariz.
University of Phoenix Stadium
Jan. 5, 2009, 7 p.m. FOX
FedEx BCS National Championship Game
Florida vs. Oklahoma
Dolphin Stadium
Jan. 8, 2009, 7 p.m. FOX

Missouri, after falling back to earth this year, tries to do to the Big 10 Wildcats what they did with the Big 12 version in the Alamo Bowl.  The Oklahoma State Cowboys will be shooting ducks against Oregon in the Holiday Bowl.  The Gator Bowls marks a New Year’s Day return for the Nebraska Cornhuskers as they take on Clemson.  Ole Miss tries to outshoot the left out Texas Tech Red Raiders in the Cotton Bowl.  The Texas Longhorns look toward the Ohio State Buckeyes to take out their frustrations in the Fiesta Bowl.  Finally, the Oklahoma Sooners circles the wagons for the Florida Gators in the BCS National Championship Game.  That’s one heckuva lineup and this empy week and a half of hype does little to pass the time on our way to Bowl Season.

Nesting up North for the Cold at Dirk’s

The first signs of winter hit early, as I strolled out of my apartment complex.  The slight snow drizzles gently floated in circles as I made my way for the cold north toward KCI and Dirk’s Bar & Grill.  The week of football was a quiet one, but the cozy den of Dirk’s kept things nice and warm.  It’s not the best barspot, but it was a welcomed distraction from the day’s weather and games.  Too bad it didn’t distract from Nebraska fans hanging out there.
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Tumblweeds a Rollin’ and Arizona’s a Blowin’ for Some Wild Midwest Action

Arizona’s Neighborhood Grille & Bar

In the haze of a mid October sun, the KCCGD wagon train rolled up to the wild west of Shawnee, Kansas to watch some ball at Arizona’s Neighborhood Grille and Bar.  The rustic setting of the place provided a decent setting for the shootout that was to become.  There were some disappointments for the day, including the saloon we witnessed them in.  But we buckled down, circled the wagons, and set up post for some college football.
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Pick It Standings Week 6: Like A Cornhusker Spit In The Face

Okay, rounding up the week’s standings below, we can see that Cabbotmtf is waxing everyone again.  Krizzou is struggling to keep up and the Purple Yeti is a drooling over his pick sheet again.  Imitation is the sincerest form a flattery and the Yeti needs to spread his flattery all over the place if he were to have any hope of catching up.  According to Chase Daniel, however, it seems that Nebraska Cornhuskers spread saliva as well as flattery.

Rank Pick Set Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Total
1 Cabbottmtf 17 11 9 13 8 11 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 69
2 krizzou 16 12 8 11 9 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 66
3 Purple Yeti 14 10 8 10 4 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 52

The big hullabalo came from Chase Daniel stating that a Nebraska player was hockin’ a lugey on him in the pre game.  Welp as the controversy stirred in spit, we come to find out that Chase wouldn’t tell who and the coaches called it a dead issue.  So are the Cornhuskers dirty?  Or is Chase talking smack?  Hmmm I think it’s both.

Original Wangstas

Yes Nebraska has a bushel of personal fouls this year.  Even coach Bo Pelini has one himself.  So they need to cool off.  But I think Chase is taking advantage of that.  There was no evidence on tape of spitting and it seems Chase didn’t feel the need to point out guy.  Combine that with the photo op of Chase with buddy Warren Buffett above, and you can see this guy is heading down the highway toward douche bag territory.  Chase, you practically have the Heisman won.  Don’t spit while you talk and win the games, or else you’ll lose the prize to someone more respectable.

Salty Tasting Kite’s And Purple Yeti Yapping

Kite’s Outside

The alumni crew were coming out of the woodwork for the week’s blogspot. Mucho mojo was needed to help push K-State over Texas Tech and going to the Manhattan homestead of Kite’s (or at least the KC Area version) was part of the mix. We were definitely intent on reliving the magic of college as well as the magic of last year’s blogspot with K-State over Texas. What we learned, however, was a controversy that must be addressed with a call to action to K-State fans everywhere. We’re bringing the SALT this week so here we go:
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Ugly Joe’s And Jack’s And Jane’s With Stupid Shocking Games

Ugly Joe’s

Another stunning week of college football flew by and we here are the KCCGD spent most of the day just recovering.  Apparently the football gods forgot to tell the teams that upsets are supposed to happen one or two times per week.  What wasn’t very upsetting was our time with the folks at Ugly Joe’s.  Krizzou, Jolly, Tyson,  and company helped make this barspot one to remember.  So let’s piece together what happened.

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Was it the pizza or being away that made me sleepy?

I was still kinda dazed pulling into the City Market Saturday heading toward another KCCGD barspot. The night before was a wedding rehearsal that the Yeti was fully in (it’s okay, it wasn’t my wedding). We had a big ole meal from Bucca De Peppo and it was just lounging in my stomach. I plowed forward and made my way to Minsky’s at the City Market.

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Pick It N’ Stick It: Tom Osbourne Approved

Here is another set of picks for the week. So far, Krizzou is Krizzillin’ the competition. It’s been so bad, as a matter of fact, that the President of KCCGD fired the Athletic Director this week. Let’s hope Coach Yeti and other participants get their act together. Happy Birthday to Keith Jackson by the way as he turned 79. Probably one of the best announcers out there. And now it’s a FUMMMMBLLLE to the picks….

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ESPM? Booo… YAY!!


October 11, 2003, Missouri vs. Nebraska, was perhaps the most exciting Missouri game I’ve ever witnessed. It was a cold rainy day, and Missouri trailed 24-14 in the third quarter. However, the rain and cold went unnoticed as Missouri outscored Nebraska 27-0 in the fourth quarter; thus, breaking a 24-game losing streak and beating a then Top 10 team. Since then, the Tigers have successfully beaten Nebraska at home, and Saturday was no exception…. Continue reading ESPM? Booo… YAY!!

Miscellany: Crappy Mascot Masquerade!

Welp, the week so far started out real crappy. The KU fans at work came out from under the rocks to talk weak smack. I gave KU its cred, ate some crow, and told them to watch out for basketball this year. Michael Beasley is my boy! Even if it is for just one year. So, after ducking into my Yeti-cube, I needed a quick pick me up and found Bofa D’s Guide to Strange College Mascots.

Lil Red!

Yes, at least I can pour salt on the Cornhusker fans. Bofa says Lil Red looks like a Big Boy rip off but I say he kinda looks like a wang. I mean that in the most heterosexual way possible. Seriously, though, Lid Red is weak as a mascot. I can’t talk much, seeing as Willie the Wildcat is a cat head on a human body. But he does look a helluva lot tougher than any of the area mascots. Whatcha think?

I Went Down to the Crossroads, Fell Down on My Knees

Pulling into Westport, I couldn’t help but wonder what else could happen while on KCCGD assignment. The sting of day’s events so far revealed itself in broken pieces on my bumper leftover from some dingus backing into my car at 7 Eleven. That little reminder laughed at me as I walked by it while I made my way toward the barspot. Kansas State football hit the crossroads earlier today and took a wrong turn. But I was at Westport and not in Crossroads district. And this was Harpo’s.

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Another week down, another win for the Tigers and another climb in the polls. For a second week in a row I traveled to the heart of the beautiful state of Missouri for a day of tailgating and Tiger football. Unfortunately, we were not blessed to have a consecutive week of gorgeous fall weather, but all-in-all it was a pretty good college gameday. Continue reading TWO and a HALF HOURS, MY pig BUTT!!