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Mascot Monday: Pistol Pete and Bullet

Pistol Pete

Mascot beginnings come in all shapes and sizes.  From local attractions to student voted, the origination  come from all over the place.  This week we’re going to find out about one of the coolest mascot origins.  No, it’s not Wolverine (as in X-Men), but Oklahoma State’s Pistol Pete.  We’ll also talk about the late to the race live mascot aptly named Bullet.  So strap on in pardner as we’re about to mosey on down memory lane and make a stop at Stillwater’s favorite ‘Poke.

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Mascot Monday: Sparty

Sparty in the USA

We lucked out in picking the University of North Carolina’s Rameses as last week’s Monday mascot.  The Tar Heels made it to the final game and they will face Michigan State in their almost home court of Ford Field in Detroit Michigan.  So, in celebration of the underdog Big 10 making it this far, we will take a look at their mascot, Sparty.  Good luck to both the teams tonight as we look forward to getting basketball out of the way in preparation of football.  But for now, here’s Sparty.

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Mascot Monday: Rameses


Welcome again to Mascot Monday and as we weather another week of March Madness, we must say it’s disappointing that no Big 12 team is in the Final Four.   We’ll try to fogoe those woes as we take a look at one of the surviving participants mascot.  This week we will look at the University of North Carolina’s Rameses.  We learn a little bit about tar, a little bit about rams, and all about why you shouldn’t walk on highway shoulders.  This one’s for the KU (and Roy Williams) fans.

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Mascot Monday: Charlie Choker

Charlie Choker

Okay so it isn’t Monday, but the excuse is worthy.  Let’s call it a double dose of food poisoning and checking out Ratatat in Columbia Tuesday night.  At any rate, this week we’re are offering up some advice to all of the teams (including 3 Big 12) teams some advice.  It’s getting down to the final whistle and we here at KCCGD think it’s time to remind the teams of what not to do.   So this week we are gonna look at the Grays Harbor Community College’s Charlie Choker.

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Mascot Monday: Cy


March Madness continues here as we just got finished here at the KCCGD headquarters reading up on who got in and who bubbled out in the NCAA Tournament.   In celebration of this anti-climatic event, we’ll turn our focus this week to a school which lacked success both on the basketball court and the football for a long time now.  Cy the Cyclone from Iowa State has a major job in lifting the school spirit of a university who continues to fumble around its athletics.  We learn some about Cy’s history and his recent success.  We also wonder how amalgamations work in mascotdom.

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Mascot Monday: Swoop


March madness is fully underway and this week again we check out a school that has some aspirations this year in the tourney.  We also have the added benefit the mascot and school being more topical because of the news they created in college football for that last couple of months.  That’s right, this week we are all about the University of Utah’s Swoop!  There’s not much to chew on history wise, so we’ll write some up as we look at this fresh young entry into mascot-dom and maybe learn a little something about being big time.

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Mascot Monday: Jonathan the Husky

Jonathan on the Field

We’re heading to the Big East this week and in the spirit of march madness coming, we here at the KCCGD are picking a traditionally powerful basketball school in the University of Connecticut Huskies.  Even though their football program seems to be turning the corner, sharing a conference championship in 2007, the Huskies enjoy a dominant basketball team, with coach Jim Caple nabbing his 800th win last week.  But we won’t check the facts about Jim and instead turn our attention toward Jonathan the Husky.  The average requirements are covered with Jonathan, even though what the Huskies evoke are memories that are not too average.

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Mascot Monday: Southern Illinois Salukis


We’re getting close to some March Madness around here (even though we don’t cover basketball yet) and we hear at the KCCGD figured it would be a good time to check up on the Tourney perennials from the Missouri Valley Conference.  After inadvertently chuggin some Pabst’s Blue Ribbon, rocking out to some Slayer, and working on an ’85 Camaro, we felt the Saluki from Southern Illinois was the way to go for this week’s mascot.  A Saluki is a dog, but not just any ole dog.  This one has bite and will bark about it on his way to the biker bar, brother.

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Mascot Monday: Judge and Bruiser

Bruiser's Coming

This week’s Mascot Monday takes us to the deep south of the Big 12 and the Baylor Bears.  We’ll go over what keeps the weakest team in the South going spirit wise while taking a peek back at the history of the mascots.  It’s not B.J. and the Bear or Hardcastle and McCormick, but Judge and Bruiser!  Not really as seen on TV but close enough. Just don’t sit too close to the screen or you’ll ruin your eyes.

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Mascot Monday: It’s a Razorback Menagerie!

Big Red and Sue E.

This week’s edition brings to the SEC and the Arkansas Razorbacks. Many traditions kick up one single, shining emblem that endures and represents the spirit and soul of a university’s athletic prowress. In the case of the University of Arkansas, they kick up like the Rockettes or Michael Flatley’s Riverdance. Today we’re gonna ask, just how many mascots is too many?

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Mascot Monday: The UC Santa Cruz Banana Slug

UC Santa Cruz Banana Slug

It’s another Mascot Monday and I’m feeling a little slow.  It’s been a long weekend and I’m just trying to catch up to things.  Some would even say I’d be feeling a bit sluggish.  Never fear, for even in mascot-dom there’s a wacky character that can inspire the lethargy deep inside all of us.  I’m of course referring to this week’s featured mascot, the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slug!  A relatively young mascot, this yellow buggah has already made waves within the mascot world.
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Mascot Monday: Willie the Wildcat

Willie the Rockstar

Welcome to the first post of the offseason for the KCCGD Crew! We have a couple of ideas floating around and one of them bubbled up to reviewing the wacky tradition of mascots in college football. We’ll be talking about a new mascot every Monday in the offseason, pointing out likes and dislikes as well as funky things we found out about them. The inaugural post is, seeing as I’m a K-Stater, Willie the Wildcat.

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Gators Chomp on Sooners and The PurpleYeti Chomps on Bar Food

Congratulations go out to the Florida Gators as your BCS Champion! I’m a little bummed out because this Yeti was going for Oklahoma Sooners. It could have been worse. The game could have been a complete blowout. At least the Sooners kept the game close until the last couple minutes of the game. Also, congratulations go out to Wharfrats for picking smartly and going against the Sooners for the Bowl Pick ‘Em title. It was a let down Thursday night, but JJ’s Other Place kept me warm.

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Miscellany: Crappy Mascot Masquerade!

Welp, the week so far started out real crappy. The KU fans at work came out from under the rocks to talk weak smack. I gave KU its cred, ate some crow, and told them to watch out for basketball this year. Michael Beasley is my boy! Even if it is for just one year. So, after ducking into my Yeti-cube, I needed a quick pick me up and found Bofa D’s Guide to Strange College Mascots.

Lil Red!

Yes, at least I can pour salt on the Cornhusker fans. Bofa says Lil Red looks like a Big Boy rip off but I say he kinda looks like a wang. I mean that in the most heterosexual way possible. Seriously, though, Lid Red is weak as a mascot. I can’t talk much, seeing as Willie the Wildcat is a cat head on a human body. But he does look a helluva lot tougher than any of the area mascots. Whatcha think?